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Crypto Coins Annual Demise from you guessed it, our buds at Visual Capitalist …

With a somewhat heavy post Monday… the weekend garners extra time for longer posts, especially when it rains enough for an Ark on Sunday….digressing…

Saw this last week and thought it may be interesting…. to us the most interesting thing is just how many Coins there are/were…

Crypto Coin Annual Demise

From our buddies at Visual Capitlist

Here is a non chart look for those interested!

Thought this was a repeat chart, but this actually shows on a percentage basis…

Have a Great “Watch out for Crypto Coin Demise” Day!

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Surprisingly Strong…Short week next week…Taxes….Rock and Roll….Newsletter with Videos..

While the Cyprus bank scalping has not completely played out, we are very surprised at the strength capital markets have shown in the face of such an Cypressevent. The continued concern is contagion of a bank run as most certainly Cyprus banks will have issues keeping their deposits once the banks open. We cannot image a situation where given the stated haircut, ANY logical person would keep their deposits in the Cyprus banking system…..the Question, Where might they put those deposits?? (A bit worried on this)

Next Week Good Friday honored, Taxes…Tick Tock

Next week is a  short week with Friday being honored as Good Friday.  As such banks, capital markets, government entities and our office will be closed.  While such an early Good Friday (last year it was almost four weeks later) seems odd, the honored and restful day may give many good family time and a chance to catch up on their taxes. Tick, Tock….get moving if you have not…..Uncle Sam wants a us!

Quick Trip and Rock and Roll

This weekend brings a quick turn around trip out-of-state with Sunday back home for a Tennis tournament for Sophia (8-year-old) and the annual Rock and Roll Dallas 1/2 Marathon for myself (a bit unprepared, but always fun … wishing for cool weather)

Have a great Friday and a super weekend…Thanks for reading our work!


PS Newsletter is coming along great and, for those that are interested, we are excited to have a Video or two to expand on our thoughts more personally as it is completed…..we will let you know soon

PSS Anyone know why as we get older it gets harder to sleep??? Would think it would be just the opposite!

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