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Restless Night October Boooo … John’s D Magazine Best Financial Planner on the Rack … Halloween, Time Change

Ever wake up in the middle of the night stirring of something in your life? You toss and turn, grumble, and finally get angry because you cannot go back to sleep as this issue/problem seems so insurmountable? (If you said no, pat yourself on the back, you are lucky)

You wake the next morning only to chuckle at how silly the worry was, and how you can easily conquer this problem/issue.

Maybe it is Halloween, or season change… who knows, but once again, October made for the middle of the night sleepless concern as capital markets gyrated, only to finally awaken to the fact that they are seasonally entering the best months of the calendar, as reminded here and here.

Not to worry, we have you covered …

Dallas’s D Magazine Best Financial Planner

As mentioned a bit early, after reading the congratulatory letter (letter asked to hold off on announcement until this week … oops, never saw that before), this week the “Formal Edition” of the Magazine hit the racks even with a mug of yours truly.

So this is the official announcement:

John was honored and flattered to be nominated as one of D Magazines Top Planners for an Eighth consecutive time!” 

… much better!

Somehow they managed to sneak my mug and bio on the very last page of the entire section …. hand slap for early announcement? Ok …that’s fine, sorry guys.

Oh, of course K is the new Z in the alphabet! No matter, we appreciate the notoriety, congratulations fellow winners, most of which I know personally, are good professionals, and stand up folks.

Halloween Update

Pierce 2014Long time readers know today is the Mrs. absolute favorite celebratory day (last year pic) of the year. She says it’s the candy, I think it’s really the dress up. This costume which has been on and off since September, yes that early, is our recent Birthday boy (not me for those who also spied this picture on another popular public site … I promise) shows the family enthusiasm. Wish homework was completed that early!

Time Change Reminder

If you want a reason to spend time with those special in your life, how about this, tomorrow night is clock change time.  Seems like yesterday we were moving time to a more light evening. Don’t forget to spend … and oh yaa, move those clocks back too!

Have a Spooky Safe Halloween and a good weekend!

John Kvale CFA, CFP

8222 Douglas Ave #590
Dallas, TX 75225

Draghi throws cold Ice on Euro … New Videos … New Mug Shot (yikes!)

While only a partial week with the holiday shortened Monday, there were a lot of events that occurred.

Mario Draghi In the House

ECB (European Central Bank) Chief Mario Draghi announced more cowbell stimulus

  • EU Marginal Lending rate cut from .4 to .3%
  • EU Refinancing Rate from .15 to .05%
  • EU Bank Deposit rate from …. -.1 to -.2% … yes you read that correct, Negative

Care to guess when the announcement was made?

Euro USD

Recall, most countries like their currency being WEAKER as it makes exporting more competitive, although a headwind for imports.

Euro < 130 .. More to come ? Sure looks like it !

All New Helpful Videos

Given client continued usage of our web pages, this blog site, and new technology improvements … over the labor day weekend (yaya … boring for many, but fun for me) I recorded three videos that are our most common requests or confusion.

This will not be the last for sure, as they were fun to do, helpful, and useful to show future technology improvements.

Click Here for the New Pro Video Page

New Mug Shot in the Making

Mid week marks the first official new mug shot in over four years …. Wow, where did that grey come from … Oh well, after much prodding by Cathy (office manager) the coming D Magazine “Best Financial Planner” award will have an updated (or old dated ?? haha) new mug shot !

Have a Great Friday and a Super Weekend!

John A. Kvale CFA, CFP

8222 Douglas Ave # 590
Dallas, TX 75225

Dallas’ D Magazine Ranks John Best Financial Planner Eighth Consecutive Year … WOW

We have just been informed that D Magazine has chosen us once again for the November 2014 Best Financial Planner award.

D Magazine Best Financial Planner

I am VERY proud to announce being chosen for an eighth consecutive time for D Magazines “Best Financial Planner” award. The November issue will feature  myself as well as many of my peers who were also nominated.  Congratulations to all.


Thank you D Magazine…You are the best !!

Have a great Day!

John A. Kvale CFA, CFP

8222 Douglas Ave # 590
Dallas, TX 75225

Surprise…John Voted D Magazine Best Financial Planner Seventh Year (NOT Travel Planner..see PS)

Wow, it is hard to believe and we feel very honored and lucky to announce that D Magazine has notified us that we were nominated again as one of D Magazine’s Best Financial Planners.DmagLogo

The nomination

Every few years D Magazine (A terrific Dallas Magazine) asks fellow professionals to nominate the top Financial Planners in Dallas.

Seventh Consecutive Year

As of this nomination we are happy to announce this is the seventh time John Kvale has been nominated. This is a wonderful and terrific honor.

Thanks and congratulations to my fellow professionals. It is a pleasure to serve with you in the Financial Planning Community!

Have a Great Day!

John Kvale

PS NOT A TRAVEL PLANNER: I am out this week, bringing my family for a tennis tournament and fishing to an area of the country with two hurricanes (one downgraded to tropical storm…yeaa) and on Saturday, taking a short 20 minute ride away from our home location (raining at home base due to the afore-mentioned storm) to within a few miles of a controversial verdict location….as luck would have it, we left several hours before the verdict was released…(Never felt unsafe and have had NO PROBLEMS at all, EVERYONE extremely nice.) Not to worry, my investment skills are much better than travel planning, an obviously low bar!!   haha…  Thanks again D Magazine !

8222 Douglas Ave # 590
Dallas, TX 75225

John Nominated D Magazine’s Best Financial Planner, Save the Date Holiday Party

In a very flattering and super nice summer surprise, I was recently notified of a nomination to Dallas’s D Magazine as one of the Best Financial Planners for the sixth consecutive time. This nomination, by peers, includes a small and select group of Dallas based planners that I am extremely proud to be a part. Thanks very much!

This year’s “Kids Themed” Holiday party is totally new for us and will be at the Dallas Children’s Theatre. Mark your calendar for a mid-afternoon gathering on Saturday, December 1st, 2012 as clients, friends and families will gather for a fun-filled entertainment event, followed by a viewing of a play at the Theatre.

Enjoy your Friday and have a great weekend, thanks for reading us this week!




8222 Douglas Ave # 590

Dallas, TX 75225

John Kvale Voted Best Financial Planner for 5th Consecutive Time By DMagazine

If you happen to be in the Dallas area this weekend and see the cover of a magazine with a large picture of, and title “Beer”, take a glance as I was honored by DMagazine for the 5th consecutive time as one of the Best Financial Planners in Dallas.

Over the past few years DMagazine has run a special regarding the Best Financial Planners in Dallas. It was an honor to receive this award for the 5th consecutive time (every time the poll has been given.)

While August’s 2010 Texas Monthly Honor was a poll of investors, DMagazine poll was of peer industry professionals for their nominations.

I would like to thank and congratulate my peers who were also nominated and wonder if the “Beer” title was a coincidence, or subliminal suggestion, given the challenges the capital markets have thrown investors and their advisors over the last several years.  haha!

Have A Great Day!