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All about Retirement…Q 4 2013 J.K. Financial, Inc. Newsletter

This quarters’ newsletter, currently on the way to your mailbox, took a decidedly different direction. With an interesting study garnering our attention, and becoming slightly obsessed with this and several other studies, we ran with a more touchie and feelie Newsletter this quarter. (Here is our NEW Newsletter Page on this site.)Q 4 2013 J.K. Financial, Inx. Newsletter Cov

Retirement and Dementia

Our lead article was formed from the basis of a very interesting study completed by a team of French researchers. A four decade study with over 400,000 participant and stringent exclusions to make the study more accurate, shows each year of working over 60 lowers dementia by 3.5%.

Workers Working Longer

We find many in the workforce much longer than in the past. This may be a continuance from economic, longevity or appreciation benefits. No matter the reason we review interesting statistics that concur with our experience.

The World’s Happiest

While we were overkilling on studies, we pushed forward and found a study of the World’s Happiest Folks. Go figure, it fit right into our Newsletter and we added a neat graph along with our comments.

Tips and Tricks For Those Working Longer

As a Total Wealth Company, we could not stay away from the numbers too long. We included a few of the tricks we have used and stumbled upon over the last 20+ years that those working longer may find useful.

Wire Fraud and Capital Market Update

In closing we had two other articles, Wire Fraud (received numerous comments on our site here, so we put it in print) and our Capital Market Thoughts, favorite graph and updates, which we think you will also enjoy.

Have a Great Wednesday!

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