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Department of Defense Releases UFO Statements and Video, Another Full Report Due Any Day Now

So we always talk Economics, Financial Planning, Interest rates or other Financial “STUFF” ….

We do read other subject matters … and have a funny sense of humor (some may say weird or strange, but that is ok-haha) … We wanted to bring your attention to a soon to be released report from the Department of Defense.

In a cannot make this up manner, the December 2020 Stimulus package included the mandatory release of UFO information within six months of the bill…. that would be by the end of this month…..(Ok, so we drifted back into Financial STUFF again)

No idea why or how a UFO report release founds its way into a Stimulus bill, but again cannot make this up!

One of Many Prior Releases

In doing our research we ran across a neat release that pointed us to a video that was downloadable…..

On April 27, 2020 the Department of Defense released a Navy Pilot video…

Release statement

Here is the video:

Over the last four years, there have been a dribbling of reports released. Here is a good article from Scientific American printed yesterday that takes enough sides of UFO’s, no matter your thoughts you will be supported…

Not sure why these releases are happening …

No idea why now ….

Will be very interested in reviewing the new release, which if holds on due date has to be released in the next few weeks…

Odd this was embedded into a Stimulus Bill…

Have a Great “UFO Report Release” Day!

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