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An terrific honor to receive CFP Chairman’s Award, EOQ and a 1/2 Marathon weekend

On Wednesday (9-19-12) of this week, my good friend and fellow practitioner, Shashin Shah, owner of SGS Wealth Management notified me that I had been nominated and was co-winner of the Dallas Fort Worth Society Certified Financial Planner Chairman’s award.

“The Chairman’s award is awarded by the FPA Chairman and given to an individual or group that has dedicated their time and has achieved outstanding results to help further the efforts of our association.”

I was totally surprised, flattered, and completely honored to receive this award as there are many very worthy in our industry of this award and past winners are statesmen of the industry, which I will gladly share the stage. Thank you very much to the Certified Financial Planners Association of Dallas Fort Worth, you are the best!

EOQ aka End of Quarter is here next week, and what a wild quarter it has been. With the Big Ben announcement (still stunned), presidential election forthcoming, and earnings season upon us, it is hard to believe we have all happily forgotten about Greece….hopefully I have not spoken too soon.  The newsletter is in process and will undoubtedly have many ideas jammed packed into the pages, given the many events that have or are about to transpire. Kathy my editor, has her scissors out and hopefully not too much content will hit the newsroom floor..haha

For me this weekend brings an early saturday am 1/2 marathon (13.1 mile) run that sets the stage for an attempted first ever marathon later in the fall. Several years ago I ramped up for such a challenge only to contract the flu one week prior. Honey keep those kids well this fall…yikes..

Have a Great Weekend and we may expect a lighter post week as the Newsletter commences in full force in the coming days!


PS  Anyone other than myself having issues with the new Apple map feature in IOS6 ???  Must be user error!



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