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“Don’t just do Something…. Stand there!” … Back from the skies …. Charity Event …. Friday Before Halloween …. Be Careful Out there!

With the conclusion of a fast and furious, but VERY fun trip over the last 36 hours…. Back in the saddle … kinda for the last day of the week…. an interesting topic occurred while on the trip….

Early am catch up yesterday with “Donald The Brain” … we both casually commented on how hard it is sometimes to take the ball rather than swing for that bad pitch (baseball on the mind with big game tonight) but hopefully you get the point….

“Don’t just do Something…. Stand there!” … NOT EASY!!!

More on this on a non Friday/Pre-Halloween day!

Charity Event later Today ,,,,

Happy to attend an annual event sponsored in part for the Wounded Warrior organization…. mother nature allowing….

Friday Weekend Before Halloween – Careful

With a touch of fatigue and hopefully an afternoon event today if Mother nature allows…. wanted to remind everyone to be careful this weekend as the Halloween Celebrations are unofficially on Saturday, but little ghosts and goblins will be around all weekend, Saturday and Tuesday for sure….

Have a good Friday and Spooky weekend if the shoe fits… Talk next week!

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