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Smart or Silly Markets ? …. Football …

We are just not sure what happened at the beginning of the year….

  • China Concerns
  • Interest Rate concerns
  • Slowing Global Growth
  • Silly market participants

After a record breaking negative start to the year ….all is better now…?

Small Company US Stocks Storm Back

The following chart of the Russell 2000 (Small US Company Stocks) is a show of fantastic resilience….


From top to bottom, that was a 28% drop… heck lets call it a 30% correction .. most of which has been recovered…. Wonder if this steep of a drop has occurred before without a clear crisis or recession ? Hey Donald the Brain… Can you let us know ?

Things getting better … “Smart Market“… or things no different… just a “Silly Market” ? Time will tell…



Ok, so truth be known, football season has already started. A collegiate upset weekend occurred last weekend and the NFL first Thursday night game was last night…

Good Luck to all… be careful when traveling near working venues…. Enjoy the games !

Talk to you next week !

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And they are out of the gates …. Kinda

The beginning of the year is always interesting as reallocation, inflows of capital and tax selling often drives the very early days of capital market and as of late fixed income investments.

They are out of the gate

This year, like last, the horses seem to be stumbling before they even get out of the gate. Oil prices continue to fall (tax break for many) pulling many with its’ tide. Stumbling Out Gate - Horse

Tell me exactly how a retail company does not benefit from lower oil prices ? Stumbling all together !

Have a good Day!

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