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Half Way Through 2014 … Are you where you want?

Today is the last day of the quarter and the half way point of the year. While it has gone extremely fast, and with this week being a holiday shortened July 4th week, take a moment to reflect.

end of the Second Quarter 2014: Middle of Year

So if you are like me, a new year’s resolution list makes its way to your sights at the turn of the year. With today being the half way mark, take a moment to dust off those goals. If you did not have a resolution list, take 15 minutes and reflect on the goals, values, and achievements you most certainly had during the holidays. Ask yourself …  “Am I headed the correct direction?”

Are you where you want?Half Way

My bet is yes, so pat yourself on the back and enjoy the holiday shortened week.

If you slipped a little, be it finances, attitude, time management, friendships, weight, relationships, or ANYTHING …. not to fret … it’s only the half way point of 2014. This is your gentle reminder to make those goals more of a priority.


Let us know if we can help … We greatly enjoy being accountable for you !!

Have a great Monday.

John A. Kvale CFA, CFP

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March 2014 Financial Planning Money Saving Tip, Economic, Financial Review (Video) FINALLY

Welcome to our monthly review, which includes a video for further clarity and a lighter touch to the world of finance. At the beginning of this year we also added a special financial planning monthly tip to break up the monotony. Let’s get started.


 Click here if you cannot see the video

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Cell Phone Pricing Wars Means Money In Your Pocket

This months financial planning tip came by accident from our own personal experience. Earlier this year the big two cell phone carriers commenced in a pricing war. Our discovery, originally from an investor standpoint, soon turned consumer. After multiple confirmations other than just ourselves, we feel certain we are on to something.Price War

The trick of this discovery is  you must log into your carrier and review your current plan. So far by pointing this out we have helped with several thousand dollars of savings.  Next time you pay your bill, take 30 extra seconds and click on your current plan, you may find significant saving are available.

Taxes – The Toughest Season in A Decade

This years taxes are the perfect storm for the following reasons.

  1. Tax payer relief act has sunset, diminishing many relief items.
  2. Phase Outs (restrictions of tax write-offs) are making for higher taxes due.
  3. AMT (alternative minimum tax) is making it’s presence known.
  4. Basis reconciliation is still troubling.Income Tax

This year, do not feel bad if your taxes are greater than years past and it is taking longer. The entire financial community has been slowed by this year’s tax season.

Market and Economic update

As mentioned in our cover letter and Q 2 2014 Newsletter, both on the presses and cyber ramp currently, the capital markets have gone no where so far this year. Bonds, the lumbering giants of safety have been the real winner in March as well as through the first quarter of the year.

10 Year Treasury W Trendline 4-8-14


Have a Great Day!

John Kvale CFA, CFP

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Congrats Angela, End of Quarter …. PS Halloween

In an “Oh, thank goodness” moment, Angela Merkel received the votes necessary AND kept reasonable control.

Angela Victory

As mentioned Friday, Angela Merkel was voted to continue another term over the weekend, and while we have no major skin in the game our quest for stability and lack of destabilization was continued with a Merkel victory.

Angela Merkel

Angela Merkel

Q 3 2013 is coming to an end

It is hard to believe that the end of the third quarter of 2013 is just a few business days away. While it has been a very interesting one, market extension without fundamental footing has added a bit of risk to the equation…but you knew that already as we have spoken many times about this.

Have a Great Monday!

John Kvale

PS The all time favorite holiday of my family is Halloween…last year the request for approval to begin decorating in September was “ok” d by me with a you only have one item this early. Much to my surprise, over 90 spiders were placed in our home, while the calendar still read September.  This  year the question was not even asked, as such the zombies, rats, spiders and ghosts are staging through our yard, on their way to the tree, starting last night!

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EOQ, Newsletter, Out of Office Today

Today marks the end of the quarter and the start of the run to the Holiday season, historically the best for capital markets. While we are hopeful for continued progress in capital markets we are skeptical to say the least.  

This quarter’s Newsletter is coming along.  Kathy our editor always amazes in turning a somewhat rough yard into a masterpiece.  With a very long article on Big Ben and a critical assessment of the current economic environment we think you will like our analysis of possible outcomes (nonpolitical.) 

Donald is in town today for an out of the office event and makes his usual whirlwind tour, 7:00 am airport pick up and 3:30 pm departure, thank goodness for quick entrance and exits at Love Field. 

Enjoy your Friday and Weekend!


 PS One of the Kvale’s (Pamela) most celebrated holidays is Halloween. After finally acquiescing to ONLY ONE item, spiders (we are not even to October yet?) we are the proud house on the block with 13 spiders outside on the front of the house and another 30 or so inside …. okay…mix a skeleton or two in there…..overkill….




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