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John Kvale Inheritance Planning Financial Times Article

Last week as mentioned here, I was honored to have a long interview with a terrific reporter from the Financial Times. In the world of media, you never know if anything will be printed, or even when and where. Luckily I was the lead interview and even garnered a mug shot. Thanks Chris (reporter)

Here is the Complete Story from the FTFT Article John Kvale

Click on the heading or the picture for the story. The article turned out to be more for advisors but has already been picked up by the Wall Street Journal as well.

I will go over the questions and answers of the article shortly in another post, as Inheritance Planning is something we have great experience. We will share our thoughts in a more planning for clients manner, rather than tips for other advisors. We are delighted with the article and thank the FT and Chris Latham for the great coverage.

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Fed Keeps the Punchbowl…John Interviewed by Financial Times

Yesterday the FOMC/Bernanke stunned Wall Street and the world by NOT removing the QE/stimulus that they had promised removal since summer.

Economy Is Not Strong

While all assets cheered the move, the reason the FOMC did not remove the stimulus was due to a flagging economy and worry of debt ceiling issues. It is important to remember that the economy is still in need of help, according to the FOMC.

Rates dive and Equities Fly

Almost every asset class available cheered the news yesterday as interest rates fell (bonds rose), equities jumped, and commodities of all colors increased as the dollar weakened (overseas investments made stronger)  all inflationary moves.  Most including ourselves were stunned at this move after being told repeatedly the stimulus would be removed. Much of the fast money was caught on the wrong side, exacerbating asset moves yesterday.

Financial Times Interview

Yesterday, thankfully before the FOMC fireworks, I had a terrific 30 minute interview with a Financial Times reporter on what to do when you receive or are receiving anFT inheritance. I will bring you the details of the story soon, but wanted to let you know what an honor it is to be interviewed by the Financial Times (you know …the pink business paper you see on shelves) as they are one of the best business papers covering global events.

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Historical Tax Rates, A Nice Refresher

With the ongoing debate about the future of tax rates, we found this chart, from the Financial Times based on IRS data to be very interesting.

With the possible  “tax cliff” (sudden increase of tax rates if no congressional changes are made) coming later this year, this graph may be handy to reference as well.

Our thesis remains that as long as we have gradual and unsurprising movement, digestion can occur. Sharp snaps or sudden moves would not be advisable, but the IRS and bureaucrats have not been listening to us lately (ever..haha.)

We would not expect ANY clarity until after the presidential election.

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Interesting Global Website View of Capital Markets – Tone Setter For US Markets Daily

Have you ever wondered what sets the tone for the capital markets each day?

Major economic or legislative news stories usually start the day, and as of late have set the tone for the entire day across the globe as the world gets smaller day by day. If the Asian markets have a bad day, they open at around 8:30 PM CST with the European Markets following shortly there after, often times the momentum for the day is carried forward to our markets.

Global MacroMap

Here is my favorite site from Financial Times that shows an excellent summary of global indexes in close to real time. You will not need a subscription for a few clicks a month and may find it interesting, especially the pop up global macromap in the middle right portion of the page. I hope you enjoy one of my favorite, easy to read global market maps.

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