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International Investing Interview … Flying Solo on a Friday and Next Week … Happy Mother’s Day

This week I had a lengthy interview with a reporter concerning international investing. If the story prints, you will be the first to know!  With a late May expected time frame, we have plenty of room to hit the cutting room floor. Either way, her interview spurred my thinking, so watch out for a post on why we always have international investments.

Happy Friday and Happy Early Mother’s Day

Today I am in the office all by my lonesome. Rich has headed to Florida for a Graduation, and Cathy to South Padre, for a much-needed vacation. Next week will be much of the same, but not to worry Donald ‘The Brain” and I can take care of things, however…we might be a little delayed !

I will leave you with a short post today, being all solo!

Mothers day

To all the Mom’s … Happy Mother’s day, you are all great!

Have a great weekend!

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