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Confusing Tax Form 5498 Explained

Just when we all finally think it is safe to get out of the tax waters (Jaws reference haha) our good old friend, Form 5498, arrives in the mailbox.

What is Form 5498?2017 F 5498

This form reconciles qualified deposits.

Examples include:

  • Confirmation of 401k rollovers
  • Confirmation of IRA contributions
  • Proof of Simplified Employer Pension (SEP) plans contributions

Why does this form come in May? 

Since this form reconciles rollovers and also proves deposits, this form comes AFTER tax season. This form proves the amount contributed IN THE YEAR is was made, said another way, if we make a SEP deposit in the current year for the prior year, Form 5498 shows the deposit in the year it was made and the IRS knows there may be a delay.

What do I do with this form?

Keep it and file it with your next years (current tax year) information. It will correctly reconcile your IRA/401k transactions.

Have a great “Less Taxing Day”!

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Form 5498 … Pesky Tax Form Reminder

Each year we FINALLY say goodbye to tax season.

Taxes are extended or done.

The pain or pleasure has been experienced.

Money has moved one direction or the other.

The lost, but finally found forms are filed safely.

Then you gasp as one last form hits your mailbox.

Form 54982016 Form 5498

Straggling surprising and pesky Tax Form 5498 is a form mandated by the IRS that matches your Pre-Tax contributions to your tax return.

Contributions for the prior year, made in the current year may show in this form…do not worry, the IRS will match these with your return NEXT year.

This form comes out AFTER tax filing season to make it easier to catch the contributions for the IRS.

File it in your 2017 tax files… No other action is necessary…  Blood pressure back down..haha

Today is Friday… Have a wonderful weekend !

John A. Kvale CFA, CFP

Founder of J.K. Financial, Inc.
A Dallas Texas based fee only
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Form 5498 Reminder ….

Just when you thought it was safe to forget all about taxes  …. a seemingly straggling form may arrive.

Form 5498Form 5498

  • Usually arrives in May
  • Confirms with the IRS that you rolled over your 401k, IRA or other taxable distribution to another plan
  • Confirms to IRS that Funds rolled over are not taxable
  • Applies to the prior tax year, not this year
  • Causes angst due to the late arrival (tossed this one in based on truth)

These are the main characteristics of this seemingly tardy tax form. Now you know… just a reminder!

Give us a call if you have any questions!

Happy Friday … You know …. time with those special !!!

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Late Arriving Form 5498 On the Way

Just when you thought it was safe to put your tax stuff down, lick the wounds, and forget about it for another nine months, a pesky form may be headed your way.

Form 5498 Mailed End Of May5498 blank

Form 5498 reports all contributions and rollovers to all IRA’s and SEPS. If you fall into one of these situations … it’s in the mail.

DO NOT WORRY ! This form is for reconciliation on a delayed year basis. Toss it into your tax files and you are done.

Have a Great Day!

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Pesky Tax Form 5498….Not to worry it is supposed to arrive this time of the year!

One of the single most confusing tax forms is none other than FORM 5498. The issue is it arrives well after tax season (in the last week of May first week of June) causing much confusion. Part of the reason for the late arrival is the reporting of Qualified/IRA type of contributions and their respective delayed contribution date (recall IRA contributions can be made up to your filing date of your return.)

Form 5498 IS supposed to arrive AFTER tax season!Uncle Sam $

Most of the purpose of Form 5498 is to notify the recipient and of course the IRS of a deposit from a rollover, transfer or other tax qualified event, that would otherwise lead to a taxable situation. Think of it as a reconciliation for Uncle Sam.

Why am I getting a Form 5498?

Most likely the reason you as clients or others are receiving this confusing Form 5498 is due to a rollover from an old employer or other qualified plan. Think of it as a courtesy duplicate notification that is also sent to the IRS for information purposes.  There are a few other reasons, but this is the main.

Do I need to do anything with Form 5498?

Not really…. but we recommend you toss it into your rather empty (most likely the first document) current year tax file and keep it for good measure and deliver it to your tax professional next year with your other tax documents for the current year. If the IRS comes back to you for more information, it may be a handy defense document.

While there are MANY horror stories from Uncle Sam and the reporting of taxes, Form 5498 is your friend and a helpful defense…just confusingly late to the tax party!

Have a Great Monday!

John Kvale

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Mysterious Form 5498 Now Available Electronically, Coming Soon to your Mailbox, Office Hours For the Rest of the Week

The mysterious and somewhat confusing IRS form 5498 is now available electronically and may soon be making its voyage to your mailbox.

This tax form is one of the most confusing forms for everyone as it appears to come late in the tax season, however this is by design. Form 5498 reconciles with the IRS the following, although not in entirety:

  • Rollovers
  • Account balances
  • IRA/Qualified related tax issues

It arrives late in the season so as not to confuse you during the heat of the tax season and after regular April deadlines.  Granted, it eventually does confuse, but that is another story.

Do not worry that you are just now receiving this form. Just drop this form into your fresh new file for your 2012 taxes records and you are done!

Office Hours:

Cathy is taking Thursday and Friday off as her youngest daughter graduates from High School, and I will be out on Friday morning, returning briefly in the afternoon. We will not be open on Monday in honor of Memorial Day!

Have a super day and a great rest of the week!






A Confusing Tax Form Coming to a Mailbox Near You (Form 5498)

Form 5498

Just as our US Federal main tax filing dates fade in our memory, many times a straggling IRS form lands in our mailbox, causing some confusion.

Form 5498 is sent as a means of IRS reconciliation and tracking. For example, if an individual rolls a 401k over from his or her old employer into an IRA account, the firm receiving the rollover generates a Form 5498.  In this case the former employer also generates a tax form showing the funds were distributed (Form 1099.)

In our example form 5498 is sent to the investor AND the IRS for proof the funds did in fact get rolled over and did not make their way out of IRA status, thereby becoming taxable i.e. Proof that the investor did not take the money and spend it!

All of this sounds reasonable, but due to the timing effect of filing dates and reconciliation, Form 5498 makes its way into our mail box in May of the following year, which is the main source of confusion for most.

So if you happen to see a tax form sometime soon, not to worry, just place it in your freshly started current year tax folder and you will be in good shape.

Have a Great Day!