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Chance Visit with Two NATO Fighter Pilots — Friday

Just by chance, my inquisitive (some may say big mouth) resulted in a very interesting conversation recently.

A Chat with Two NATO Fighter Pilots

Overhearing a different language spoken and spotting two very intense looking gentlemen, I asked

“Where are you guys from?”

“Germany!”      they replied.

Game on …. as I quickly began quizzing them on their thoughts on Angela Merkel, the German Economy, the EU, their Capital Markets, the IMF, and global politics. They were very knowledgeable on all of these subject matters, and had very positive things to say in most instances.

Their most interesting thoughts were on the 1.5 million refugees that have come across the border and entered the German economy. They were positive on the accepted entrance and knew the demographics cold (80% men, ages 16-45.)

Thinking to myself, these guys must be politicians of some type, I asked the next question which caused both uncomfortable body language

“What do you think about the idea that the US has become more isolationist? You think Germans think that?”

“Ahhh …. NOT AT ALL  …we are seeing eye to eye…” spoken VERY convincingly

Naturally, just as we all got up and parted ways, I asked them what they did and found out they were NATO fighter pilots. What ? Totally missed that one.Seal_of_the_North_Atlantic_Treaty_Organization

Certainly their backgrounds may skew their thinking, but from this  visit, looks like things are pretty good!

Careful what you might read out there!

It’s a Friday — Enjoy your weekend – talk to you next week !

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A Political Weekend Across the Pond

The fact that so many US investors, including ourselves, will be watching the various elections overseas is as interesting as the elections themselves, and points to how small the world has become.

This weekend France, Germany, Italy, and Greek citizens enter the polls to set their political wishes in motion. I find it interesting these countries have a weekend vote, which may help the turn out, not a bad idea, but I digress.

France’s current chief Sarkozy, is facing a formidable foe and according to Robert McTeer will most likely not make it as a return leader. If this happens, austerity measures changes may be at hand.

An Italian vote is hopeful to reinforce confidence for Mario Monti, who took over in November from the scandal ridden Berlusconi chair. This vote, if correctly forecasted should be a stabilizer.

A less important regional election in Germany, however if polling is correct the opponent to the current incumbent  Merkel party will win, causing slight concerns as change may mean an adjustment in philosophy. This vote, if correct is more a hairline crack in the ice, but worth keeping an eye on.

A Greek parliament vote could expedite this little brother’s country’s exit from the Euro. (On a side note, yesterday in an all day seminar a very well-known international debt portfolio manager called the break up of the Euro within 3 years.)

As you know we are not politically inclined, but as the many moving parts begin to churn this weekend, we will be interested in the reactions from market participants. While something similar to the Oscar’s may be more entertaining, market participants, including ourselves will be focused on the above voting!

Have a Great Weekend!