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Tech Companies Invest/Collaborate with Automobile Companies … What Does is Mean?

There is no doubt Technology and Technology Companies, are, and will continue, to touch more parts of our lives. As mentioned here in our Medical and Technology related Newsletter (Featured Futuristic Expert Peter Diamandis), Tech companies helped fast track much of the Medical innovations of the last few quarters, helping with the Vaccine…

Tech and Auto Collide

Long time readers know we enjoy watching much of the moves (not always agreeing with) of Elon Musk, as we have written about him over the years. His move to Electric Cars set the path for others to follow….

Suddenly there has been a dash to collaborate and invest with Auto Companies by Big Boy Tech Companies…

Complete Article 1-19-21

Essentially Microsoft, GM and Cruise … a self driving car company out of San Francisco are joining hands to accelerate the process.

Oh, and just a few years earlier, Honda had already entered the Cruise party with GM.

And then this… just a few days later..

Google and Ford announce a six year long collaboration to drive innovation… note the barely week apart announcement…

But Wait, there is even more – Not kidding!

Apple investing $3.6 billion in Kia for Apple car production, report says

Just two days later, after much on again off again talks, Apple announced a major investment in Kia according to this report.

Whats it all mean?

Probably a little bit of Run Away Bride… being afraid of the last one to enter Auto Collaboration

Expect a race to tether at least some of each Technology companies features and main stream information into our Auto

Nice improvements and innovations that Auto Companies maybe would not have thought of before

Keep your eyes out for the first Tech Logoed car, likely in a street near us soon!

Have a Great “Tech Auto Collaboration” Day!

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When things are too good to be true; Facebook

A memory of a coach telling us as players, “If you dance in the end zone, you better be able to back it up” comes to mind with Facebook, especially given the events that have occurred over the last few business days.

While many of the stories we have seen come from a slant of “The game is rigged!” our thoughts again focus on a price or capitalization that was assumed when the Facebook IPO occurred.

Yes there were issues, GM pulled their advertising, the NASDAQ had opening problems, Morgan and Goldman (lead underwriters) have had mishaps before. While all of these items are true, in the end it appears price does matter even for an alleged very hot issue.

While there are certainly sharks swimming in the Wall Street ocean, the valuations and growth rates used to establish the price of Facebook may have been aggressive, making us feel like, for now, Wall Street is a more realistic place.

Here is a chart of the action since Facebook started trading through mid-day today.

Have a great Tuesday/Monday!




We are not recommending any investment (long or short) in Facebook and do not own or have any shares short at this time.