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Black Gold – Oil Update …

Left for dead, just a few weeks ago… Goldman Sachs said

 It’s too late for OPEC to save oil


Here is the latest rig count via Baker Hughes/Business Insider.

3-2016 Baker Huges Rig Count.png

So if there is less drilling …. What does that do to prices ?

3-20-16 Crude Spot

It is of course a volatile market, but frequently the giant headline calls… are just that, calls … and not real!

It will cost more to fill up our cars…a small price to pay !

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Goldman Goes Gloomy … Forecasts Market Decline

Goldman Sachs recently put out a gloomy report on the stock market. Hat Tip Zero Hedge

Goldman Sachs One Year S&P 500 Target

In a recent research report, the big financial firm AKA Vampire Squid put out multiple gloomy forecasts.Goldman Sachs

  • Year end 2015 target of 2100 on S&P 500
  • Full year target of 2125 on S&P 500

In closing their most dire longer term forecast was for a total annualized return for the S&P 500 for the next 10 years to be 5%. WOW !!

We really like getting this information down in our digital diary. Time will tell !

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