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Top Daily Google Searches for the Last 10 Years In Each State … Showing our VERY Short Attention Spans –

Long time followers know we cannot resist these neat Animated Charts… just fascinating to us ….

The following is daily Google searches for the last 10 years – its a bit long, so pick your time period if you want to watch…. it’s surprisingly interesting.

Couple of observations from our perch:

  • Whew… we have SHORT attention spans!
  • We all school like fish at once – notice how the states show similar searches almost every time
  • Entertainment (music and movies) dominates any other subject
  • The 15 year old watched and knew tons more items than myself
  • Adele and Billie Eilish seem to carry the popularity crown the longest from a muscian standpoint
  • Fortnite was by far the most dominate gaming search
  • Never heard of Myxer – and it is no longer around (maybe that is why we never heard of)
  • Who knew Pepe the Frog was so popular

This again from our friends at Visual Capitalist who usually do not do animated charts, but we sure like this one…

This one is 11 minutes long…well worth the time, but we know most will not watch for more than 2 – Pick a time frame when you think you may know what everyone was searching – You will likely be surprisingly wrong – again, VERY short attention spans for everyting!

Hope you enjoyed as much as we did!

Have a Great “Fellow Short Attention Span” Day!

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