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Save the Date – An Unusual Holiday Date – Thursday November 14th -We have the Perot Museum for the Evening – Cool

After clearing/adding coverage for our Insurance for the event ….

Signing a few contracts that says we are not a crazy group ….

Getting security guards for the event …

Establishing our Parking Area….

Finalizing the entire building for our use only …

Working on food options … not finished yet, but will have same group as the Arboretum two years ago….

We are happy to announce:


We have secured the Perot Museum for the night of Thursday November 14th from 6:30 to 9 PM – yes the Perot Museum for our use only … for an exciting educational experience for grown ups and kids!

Click Here for Direct Link to Video



The date is a function of popularity and costs ….

We know it is a bit earlier than usual, but we thought the venue worth the unique date …

We hope you can make it, should be fun!

Happy Happy Summer Friday!

John A. Kvale CFA, CFP

Founder of J.K. Financial, Inc.
A Dallas Texas based fee only
Financial Planning Total Wealth
Management firm.



Finally – School is out, let the Summer begin … Shhh, putting the final touches on a neat ALL NEW venue for the Holiday Party – Audio Found

Some how, the unlucky gang ended up in one of that latest ending school years in the South…. sorry guys…

No matter, as of today, let the stay up late nights/sleep in late mornings begin… all good …

They are so much more happy with the last day of the year than the first… go figure

Schools Out


Holiday Party Planning

Shhhh … we are putting the final touches on what we think will be a very neat Holiday Party venue … the date looks to be slightly different due …. well to the venue – we think you will like it too, as soon as we put the final touches on the contract we will excitedly let you know!

Good News – the audio from the Robert Kaplan event has been retrieved … funny how the wrong download attachment found its way into the back pack – user error !

Have a GREAT “Beginning of the Summer” Friday!

John A. Kvale CFA, CFP

Founder of J.K. Financial, Inc.
A Dallas Texas based fee only
Financial Planning Total Wealth
Management firm.



Holiday Hosting Party and Dinner Tricks to Avoid – Not to be negative, but we keep Experiencing these! Warning!

We are pretty positive folks…

If a high road can be taken, we usually go that way …

Hey – mistakes happen – but repetition has us gun shy …

First time – shame on me – second time … well you get the drift …

Due to our travels and fun Holiday Season we are continually exposed to Holiday Party Tricks – so here are warnings for items that we keep experiencing!pink-wine-1964457__480

Wine year change — It is almost inevitable, at some dinner over the Holiday’s your favorite wine will be out of stock … only to be substituded by a similar year from the establishment – hey that is fine, but year vintage differ GREATLY in cost – not to be a jerk, but it might be worth a question if the replacement year is the same cost –

True story from a super wine coniseaour friend – there is an element of permanent bait and switch that occurs occasionally  – even in more established placed – the stakes can be very profitable, but unfortunate, sadly sour upon consumer discovery…. Confirm the year you order is delivered – similar to above, your favorite wine will likely price change dramatically from year to year!

Speaking of Wine or other beverages as well — Get clear before you throw the party – Does an open bottle mean a consumed bottle ? Sometimes, yes, and other times no … worth the review… One drink bottles equaling full cost can be … well costly!

Watch the Tip – Is it included in a small party? – six plus party is normal for gratuity – but less so these days – we still run into the small party tip included, but not easily seen occasionally – with a blank line for a duplicate or double tip – Don’t bite !

Hope you enjoy the Holidays and hope these reminders keep a few extra bucks in your pocket!

Have a Great “Holiday Party Trick” Reminder day!

John A. Kvale CFA, CFP

Founder of J.K. Financial, Inc.
A Dallas Texas based fee only
Financial Planning Total Wealth
Management firm.

Happily honored as Dallas Magazine Best of Wealth Managers and Best Financial Planners – Holiday Reminder – Even BIGGER news next week – Friday*

We are very happy to announce our nomination to D Magazines Best Of Again !

D Magazine Best of Dallas

For those fellow Dallas Sites – be sure to check out the current Issue of D Magazine, hitting the stands first thing this am – which will have the follow awesome picture:

2018 Best Wealth Managers -

Jen and Donald picked the photo – we had tons to choose from …. from our fantastic photographer Bret – who by the way will be shooting pictures at the Holiday Party!

Can you believe they chose the picture showing the most Grey? Grrrr

When commenting on this fact, an assurance of “SEASONING” was mentioned – Ok … so you guys are still sore about the Black Eye incident – look close, Donald “The Brain” has a huge shiner, saved by Jen’s cover up …. as mentioned earlier here!

Twelfth Consecutive Financial Planner Award

Luckily, yours truly was also awarded Best Financial Planner award for the TWELFTH consecutive time … given the gray in the picture above, maybe silence is better?

It is an honor, to be named in both portions of the D Magazine Best Of Series  – Most proud to be named as a firm, to recognize those that REALLY make is possible — The Gang at J.K. Financial, Inc!!

Well done Guys !

This is also the un-official introduction of Jen Hill our new Operations Manager — more on this soon ! New York native … Deep Wall Street Background ….. Spouse Former Major League Pitcher ? All True.

Holiday Party Reminder

The following invitation is headed your way today ….  Please save the date and plan on coming, as mentioned earlier, Bret our fantastic photographer will be there – snapping possibly… Holiday Card Photos for all in attendance!

10-9-18 - Holiday Party Invitation

Friday Before Even Bigger Announcements

Today is a Friday … enjoy your day and your weekend….

In an unbelievable Announcement day – next week we have even a BIGGER Announcement – Yep, not kidding – BIGGER !!!!

Stay tuned… hold that breath … Next week will be here shortly

Have a Great “Big Announcements” Day!

John A. Kvale CFA, CFP

Founder of J.K. Financial, Inc.
A Dallas Texas based fee only
Financial Planning Total Wealth
Management firm.

Save the Date! 23rd Annual Holiday Party … Saturday November 17th from 3-5 pm Dallas Athletic Club – Caught Ya, Tricky spam site warning …

Its that time again!

Well almost…

The 23rd Annual (YES 23 YEARS!) J.K. Financial, Inc. Holiday Party



Saturday – November 17th, 2018

from 3-5 PM


We look forward to seeing everyone there and will send out formal invitations soon !

Tricky Spam Link – Fake Amazon

Our newest team member continues to jump into the water … even as we promise it is not cold… haha

Coincidentally .. with our IT folks on the line, Jen’s computer, just by chance began speaking to her and telling her to call Microsoft – Fake number of course –

IT folks quickly took over and fixed the problem — or did they?

A few minutes later after heading back towards amazon again for office supplies, the computer was chirping at us again…

Get this – a fake Google Ad Word hot link was jumping in front of the actual Amazon link – after a few repeat offenses, the link no longer came up – Maybe they used all the funds they had???  No matter, be careful, this was a crafty fake request – no damage though!

Feels like Fall Friday

It’s cool here, and looks to be for a few more days … enjoy your Friday and your weekend, lot’s of video’s coming at you next week – but that is next week!

Have a GREAT “Save the Date, Feels Like Fall Friday” Day!

John A. Kvale CFA, CFP

Founder of J.K. Financial, Inc.
A Dallas Texas based fee only
Financial Planning Total Wealth
Management firm.

One week and a day from the Dallas Arboretum holiday party … Hard RSVP Reminder! Thanksgiving AND Christmas settings!


In Eight days … Yes, just one week and a day, the 22cnd annual J.K. Financial, Inc. holiday party will occur.

We are happy to announce the Thanksgiving AND Christmas settings will be up and ready for our collective viewing!

On November 18th at 1 pm, special parking opens –

Dallas Arboretum Gate 2 SUPER close and restricted parking just for us begins.

Arboretum xmas

The weather calls for an awesome day 60 degrees and sunny … fingers crossed it holds, making for a perfect time.

Our party ends at 3 pm, but the fun does not stop then … Tour the entire park at your leisure including the special recently opened kids area until 5 pm!

There will be a special on site golf cart/shuttle to take those that want to move a little faster to the distant corners of the complete park!

Food, fun, friends, family ….  fantastic !

It’s serious headcount time, so if you have not RSVP’d … please do so!


We will see you there!

Have a Good Friday and Super Weekend!

John A. Kvale CFA, CFP




Q 4 2017 Newsletter Video Audio Podcast Review By John Kvale

Welcome to our Video and Audio Podcast Review of our Q 4 2017 Newsletter. For those on the road or just unable to grab the time to read, our podcast type review gives you the behind the scenes insight to our thoughts, observations and deep views of the entire Newsletter.

Click here for direct link to an electronic version (an early peek-good ole fashion paper versions are on their way to you shortly) and here for our Newsletter page

Let’s get going!

Q 4 2017 Newsletter

International Market Analysis

In a quest for value, it may be appearing overseas with our friends across the pond. Our core article of the newsletter discusses P/E Price Earnings along with the more smoothed CAPE or cyclically adjusted price earnings which is just a 10 year average ratio. With multiple looks at a long awaited possible long term positive trend, the next 3-5 years may be in the corner of  our overseas friends.

Tripit our App of the Quarter

After stumbling upon a neat app from a dear friend, “Tripit” makes our app of the quarter. Bet you have no idea just how many different reward programs you are involved … after loading them into our app of the quarter, your life will be easier.  Constant price reviews after the purchase along with multiple handy reminders may make this a fun – non financial review and item for you to try out this quarter.

Equifax Update and To Do’s

Our most popular posts on street-cents.com our blog, was the discussion of the Equifax breach. Our theme “Chillax” if our information had not been comprised before, it will eventually. The best defense in this case is an offensive preparation, BEFORE the next breach.

Break In: Yahoo announce after our discussion much more information had been compromised than originally thought …

Not IF, but WHEN our information is compromised …

1 Minute Video Reviews and Screen Shots

With tons of fun and compliments, our half dozen set of 1 minute video’s also make the Newsletter. If you like to talk like I do, full appreciation for just how hard it is to make a 1 Minute video… haha

Here is a link to our 1 Minute Video Page on our Website

Here is a link to all the Videos here on our blog

Parting Thoughts

Shhhh, we have a secret that we want to tell, but are forbidden for a couple of more weeks. We will only say it is an honor!

Watch for a reminder of our hopefully awesome Saturday Before Thanksgiving-Early November 18 Holiday Party at the Dallas Arboretum from 1-3 pm and free reign of the park until 5! Fun times !!!

Thanks for the time!

John A. Kvale CFA, CFP

Founder of J.K. Financial, Inc.
A Dallas Texas based fee only
Financial Planning Total Wealth
Management firm.