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How to Begin Receiving Electronic Statements

The following is a brief procedure to enable electronic statement delivery of your monthly statements. Due to recent technology updates, this procedure has changed slightly. If you are currently receiving electronic statement reporting, don’t worry, you are not affected.

So here we go:

Log into your account with your username and password by clicking on the “Account View” tab of our website at www.jkfinancialinc.com.

(If you do not have a username or password, let us know and we will have one set up for you in short order.)

Once in the website Click on the “Accounts” tab and then the “Profile” tab on the same page.

Under Account Information, in the far right side of the page click “Edit” enabling the drop down buttons for “Statement” and “Confirm” delivery and set them each to “Electronic”.

That’s it !

Now on a monthly basis you will receive an email reminding you that your electronic statement is ready for review.

To view any of your statements, confirms, and tax information, simply click on the “Documents” tab next to the “Profile” tab you have selected from above.

Have a Great Day!