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IMF Global GDP Estimates 2020-2022 From Visual Capitalist – Cool Three Year Global Estimate

We have noted multiple times to expect some roaring Economic Numbers, which is not a super prescient call due to easy year over year comparisons and the world actually reopening…. (Our curiosity is how this data is digested by Governments, Forecasters and Market Participants)

We ran across a neat Goldman micro time GDP chart recently, that has left our sight grrrrr, but is a quarter by quarter estimate that is fascinating…. we will likely find it eventually and present it here…

For now, we wanted to show this three year global GDP (Gross Domestic Production-Blunt Economic Growth Measurement) from the IMF (International Monetary Fund) –

The IMF, just like any organization misses in Forecasts …. it is not in stone, but this is a very interesting three year, more high level look at the globe as it reopens….

IMF – Visual Capitalist Global Three Year GDP Comparison

This chart was a slider and can be found directly at our friends from Visual Capitalist Here

Year 2020 Findings we find most interesting:

USA GDP Contracts only 3.3% Wow

Global Average the same 3.3% Contraction – Wow Wow


Note USA estimated Growth of 6.4% – surprising low

IMF World rebound Estimate of 6% – again, surprisingly low

Year 2022 ESTIMATES – The farther you go the harder they are!

IMF US Estimate at 3.5%

Global Estimate 4.4% –

Not really what to think of this…. both seem off to us ! Clearly a USA Laggard Estimate!

This will be marked as forecast and we can look back and see how good or bad the estimates were!

Have a Great “Multi Year Global GDP Estimate” Day!

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Bucking Bronco … Frothy US Capital Markets JK and IMF too ? … Next Week BUSY travel schedule

No need to go to the Rodeo, we have it in the Capital Markets. There have been worse (07-09) but to suddenly go from a calm cool breeze walk to bucking bronco has been a bit startling. That’s why we buckle up well!Bucking Bronco

Our Cover Letter  and the IMF

Mid morning Wednesday we released our Performance Report over letter, highlighting our “Frothy” markets and “Black Ice” investing climate … The International Monetary Fund (IMF) also announced that US capital markets were “Frothy”

A bucking bronco ensued.

We will let you decide who put the fear in the markets … Either way, both are in good company ! haha

Travels Next Week

On Monday, I make a delightful turn around trip out-of-state, only to again head out on Wednesday evening a different direction, again out-of-state.

With minimal travel, I really enjoy the think time, melting pot of people thrown into action and the time away from the screens.

Not to worry, I will wash my hands during the journey … Actually with a summer cold, should be interesting!

Enjoy your weekend ! Talk to you next week

John A. Kvale CFA, CFP

PS Monday is Columbus Day, lot’s of folks in the financial world off!

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