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Robert Kaplan Dallas FOMC President Town Hall Analysis and Update, New York President Williams Chimes in, Wall Street Journal’s Favorite Fed Reporter Too – Taper Transition to Begin

While not sure why all Federal Reserve Chairs do not do this type of event … there are an even dozen Fed Banks scattered across the country for roots in various geographic areas, we are very happy our local favorite, Dallas’s own Federal Reserve Bank President, Robert Kaplan has started his own town hall event.

Think this is our third or fourth attendance, with the first as mentioned here, becoming an accidental question…

Incidentally at this event, the first three questions were from acquaintances… Great Minds I guess!

Another Robert Kaplan Town Hall Update New York Fed Williams Chimes in

The most important item mentioned in this town hall was that Kaplan supports a taper of the 120 billion monthly purchases of Mortgage and Treasury bonds as soon as October, with an announcement in two weeks at the September 22, 2021 Fed meeting.

Luckily with the delay of the weekend to produce this full post, New York Federal Reserve (debatably the most powerful bank) Chair John C. Williams in a speech via video conference to St. Lawrence University said the following:

“There has also been very good progress toward maximum employment, but I will want to see more improvement before I am ready to declare the test of substantial further progress being met. Assuming the economy continues to improve as I anticipate, it could be appropriate to start reducing the pace of asset purchases this year. I will be carefully assessing the incoming data on the labor market and what it means for the economic outlook, as well as assessing risks such as the effects of the Delta variant.”

Wall Street Journal’s Go To Reporter Pens Friday Article

Then the following story hit the Wall Street Journal Friday, September 10, 2021 by the Fed’s favorite go to reporter, NIck Timiraos..

NIck runs with a November 2021 Taper Transition and a 15 Billion per meeting drop off from the current 120 Billion monthly purchase…

What to Watch – Longer Term Interest Rates, Markets Themselves

If this is true, and the FOMC does begin taper, we will need to keep a sharp eye on interest rates, especially the longer end i.e. 10 year treasury.

Near then end of 2018, the FOMC began lowering asset purchases AND raising rates at the same time… Markets protested with a sharp 20% drop, causing Fed members to reverse course.

Kaplan and other officials are reiterating that just because the Taper may begin, interest rate increases are not on the horizon yet.

Recall in our very recent Kyle Bass review, where Fed officials are known to carefully watch the Capital Market reaction to their comments. If as true as Bass thinks, Fed officials will be watching close!

Other Kaplan Notes from the Town Hall:

  • Delta hurting travel, and leisure, Dallas Fed US GDP estimate 6.5 down to 6 because of delta
  • Slow workers with Jobs, Aug jobs number not surprised Sept slower than expected, JOLTS showing work avail, fear of delta keeping away,
  • 3 mill folks left workforce since 2-20, 1.5 milion left for care of kids – matching problem work
  • Supply demand on materials,  PCE will be 4% PCE headline will be 2.6% 2022-
  • Economy recovering slow Q3 but still growing, 3% inflation 2021
  • Economic Fits and starts bc delta- vaccine, booster, masks help but
  • High frequency mobility data not falling, folks adapting and managing through
  • Business expect supply demand last longer than thought
  • Worker demand higher pay, higher absence, reluctant to come back to labor force
  • Mid to small business tougher time with employee—Larger Businesses more flexibility
  • Broadly all businesses raising prices and they will stick

Apologies for the length of this post … this was a combination Reporter, notes and collection of various data points…

A smooth transition is very important, and long desired by many in the investment community, buckle up and let’s see how it goes!

Have a Great “Smooth Taper Transition” Day!

John A. Kvale CFA, CFP

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Kaplan Town Hall/Newsletter Preview Breaking News … Friday … Sports Begin …

Another Fantastic Kaplan (Dallas FOMC President) Town Hall

On Wednesday evening of this week, Robert Kaplan did another Town Hall …. Pretty sure this is our third or fourth to attend so there is some continuity working as we can hear changes, continued thoughts and just a general getting to know Kaplan…

The most BREAKIN NEWS from the talk, was Kaplan saying the following…

“If there are not major changes in the Economy before our next meeting on September 22, 2021, I will suggest taper is announced and it begins in October of 2021!”

This was a big (so soon) enough statement that we were surprised not to see any public media discuss yesterday….

We will dig into Kaplan’s comments next week in a deeper fashion and the possible outcomes should this statement come to fruition.

Newsletter in the Works

The Newsletter is coming right along, we have found some greater details from our Expectations Post Earlier in the Quarter, along with our candid comments…

On a personal note, if you ever want to know how fast a Quarter can go, do an all original Newsletter every 90 days… All Great, but really seems like we just completed the last one…. Time is flying I guess!


Ahhhh, it is a VERY late summer Friday heading closer to fall… Sports is getting into full force…

Enjoy your Friday and Weekend – Talk Next Week!

John A. Kvale CFA, CFP

Founder of J.K. Financial, Inc.

A Dallas Texas based fee only

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Another Robert Kaplan Townhall Update – Some Breaking Comments … Slowing Purchases this Year

Back in the fall last year, here we commented on a terrific Robert Kaplan Townhall. Good news, this time we were able to listen to this Townhall which occurred Monday January 11, 2021 without accidentally becoming a participant!

Robert Kaplan is the Dallas Federal Reserve President and is a voting member of the FOMC (Federal Open Market Committee) in 2020 – has a lot of eyes on him, especially during FOMC statements … but – see next

We like to listen to these “Quaint” discussions as more open comments and nuggets of information can be discovered and we are big fans of Kaplan as well…

Kaplan Latest Townhall Comments

Kaplan reiterated an expectation of US Economic growth – if all goes well – of 5% Wow. US Economic growth certainly has easy comparables due to a bad 2020, but a 5% growth rate is really strong and if occurs would help with our Capital Markets growing into their clothes thesis.

Biggest breaking comment, Kaplan believes the FED will at minimum speak of easing on asset purchases and again if all goes well is interested in higher rates later this year – Wow, another big news comment. Recall our concerns if rates get ahead of the Fed and they are forced to chase them down, could be strong headwinds… From our perch this is good news.

Oddly, most major Financial Firms are saying the likely stimulus coming soon will help, but when that runs out a slowing may occur …. someone is wrong !

We will be watching!

Kaplan firmly stated that continued stimulus through asset purchase AND low rates will do more harm than good if continued too long …. We agree, inflated asset prices and excessive risk taking does not work out well.

Best Question – What is Biggest Risk to Economy in 2021?

This question was by far the best and Kaplan’s comment that too slow of Vaccine rollout were both elegantly stated.

Kaplan expressed some concerns with the speed of the current rollout but expected/hoped for acceleration in short order, as we all do.

Kaplan, as a firm believer in higher education, our resident state of Texas is not at the top of the rung on this one, he mentioned several times improving the education system especially as it relates to technology will likely increase productivity in the decades to come.

There you have it, some Breaking News and some Good News!

Have a Great “Kaplan Townhall Update” Day!

John A. Kvale CFA, CFP

Founder of J.K. Financial, Inc.

A Dallas Texas based fee only

Financial Planning Total Wealth

Management firm.