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Social Security Secret Technique “Let it Ride” … Don’t Leave FREE MONEY on the Table … The First with Many More to come … (Audio)

In late spring 2014 we had the privilege and honor to host an event with Tom Clark, a former 22 year veteran of the Social Security Administration. We recorded the event with the idea of sprinkling short pointed ideas here in our posts.

Today We Begin

This is the first post of many as Mr. Clark’s event was literally like sipping from a fire hose. We are breaking his speech into many specific pointed ideas to keep it simple. In being thorough, we expect tons of posts in the coming months, so buckle up, here we go … we hope you enjoy:

Tom Clark Pic

Audio Intro Of Tom Clark

Let it Ride – Filing On your Spouses Benefit

As mentioned in our Newsletter, this is a very unique technique. Do not be afraid to listen to this multiple times. Please listen carefully, this is a way to MAXIMIZE your family income social security benefits, without stunting the higher income spousal Social Security Benefit in the future.

Near the end … “Don’t Leave Free Money On the Table”


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