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Medical Advances on the Horizon …. Exponentially versus Linear – Peter Diamantis

Unique to our current situation regarding the Virus, is the one time unity of the world with a common enemy, according to Peter Diamantis…

As a reminder, here is Peter’s high level CV … impressive.

Founder/Exec-Chairman, XPRIZE Foundation – www.xprize.org
Co-Founder, Co-Chairman, Planetary Resources, Inc. – www.PlanetaryResources.com
Exec. Chairman, Singularity Univ. – www.su.org
Co-Founder, Vice-Chairman, Human Longevity Inc. – www.HumanLongevity.com
Co-Founder/Board Member Covaxx – www.covaxx.com
Co-Founder/Board Member Celularity – www.celularity.com

Along with founding 22 companies and counting.

Good News is Coming

Linear thinking, computing, or any act is essentially a straight line of increases….

Exponential acts are a doubling at each step….

Here is what it looks like in graphic form…

Note how slow Exponential starts in the beginning….

Exponential V Linear

Combine exponential computing power, with 100-200 million people around the world in Unity, fighting a single enemy…..

According to Diamantis, we will not only find a cure, but “An Avalanche” of cures that will lead to many unexpected items:

  • Multiple Cures for the Virus
  • Accelerated medical advances of 3-5 years brought forward in the next 12-18 months
  • Joint efforts of companies for huge progress i.e. Johnson and Johnson and Google
  • Tons of unexpected cures for other diseases, two genetic fixes to cure about half of the 32k diseases that are most prevalent
  • Anticipatory medicines such as wearable devices that alert us to infection early
  • Dramatically lowered health care costs

Think about how stimulative the last point would be to the economy and for society as a whole….


Have a Great “The Future is Bright” Day!

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