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Skynet becomes a possibility? … Eight Years until Computer Power Equals Human Thinking?

Recall in the Terminator series when the computer system called Skynet, became “Self Aware” ?

SkynetThe computer in the movie became so fast, powerful, and interconnected, it became its own species or race. In the movie, the computer then commenced to Terminate the human race!

Eight Years Until Computers are Equal to Human Thinking

Here and here we spoke of the incredible goals of Peter Diamandis and his Longevity Institute (extending 30 years to average ages.)

In another associated venture called Singularity Institute, Mr. Diamandis tossed up the following slide, showing that in 8 years computers will be as fast as humans, and by 2050 as fast as the entire Human Race!

Computer Power Expanding

Clearing these hurdles is well within most of our lives, I am all for this continuation of technology and embrace the improvements.

For just a moment, I did think … What if ?

Wonder if anyone else in the room thought the same thing?

Have a Great Day!

John A. Kvale CFA, CFP

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Life Expectancy Extended Part 2

Last week we introduced Peter Diamandis and his heavy hitter group of supporters.

One of Peter’s claims of fame is his goal of extending our life expectancy by 30 years within the next decade.

Super Computer Starts the Life Extension Process

IBM along with several other large companies have joined together, ponied up over $100 million dollars, and created a computer like no other.

Human Health Database

All of Wikipedia, all medical journals, books, along with any type of medical research are to be housed in this computer.

This computer will be open for all to use, share, update AND begin the process of extending our lives!

Have a Great Day!

John A. Kvale CFA, CFP

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Adding 30 Years to Our Life Expectancy in the next decade … Not Kidding

As Peter Diamandis from Singularity University and author of Abundance, a top seller,  espoused “…Adding 30 years to our life expectancy …”  last week, I ALMOST got up and left, fortunately the stay was worth it.

Age 90 Becomes the New 60

In future writings we will deliver more on this possibility, before you dismiss this statement …. What if it is true … or even remotely true ?Singularity UniversityWith these hitters … Let’s say Money is not an obstacle !

Human Longevity IncAn entire organization focused on Longevity .. hmmm

Human Health Database  Massive database that will take in ALL health information and be available to all.

One has to at least acknowledge the possibility.

Now you see why a group of Financial Planners should be aware of this possibility …. 90 the new 60 will change a few retirement plans !

Have a great day ! Much more on this coming !

John A. Kvale CFA, CFP

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