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Three POSITIVE Data Points … Back to Normal Readings…

Enough of all the slowing talk and R – Word discussion…. it’s coming and we all know it…. BUT

Let’s have some fun and look at some very positive data points

TSA Throughput Update

Wow, back to almost normal… this is 2019 versus 2021 … looks like we are hitting the skies…

Guess what, this is without a lot of business travelers…

Way to go Families, you are doing your thing…

Newbies, here are 10 prior reviews for your perusal … none look as good as this one- YAY

Indeed Job Openings

After multiple reviews here upon getting copyright authority, this most recent is looking awesome….

Major metropolitan areas, not only almost doubling in job openings post lockdown, but looking at the lack of steeping of the curve (far right) job fills are on the rise as well!

Marine Traffic – C/O Marine Traffic.com

Almost went with the Flight Aware map, but since we already know TSA Throughput is rocking from our first noted graph, let’s go to the waters….

This is screened for Cargo Vessels (stuff) and Tankers (Oil and the like) ONLY….

Supply chain bottlenecks, look out … there is relief on the horizon….

There you have it, some very good positives to go with for your hump day viewing….

Have a Great “Positives” Day!

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Interesting Fleet (Boat) Monitoring Site MarineTraffic.com – The Worlds Water Transportation

We continue to find very neat websites that are great for monitoring various types of population and transit….

First it was the TSA its self….

Then a VP seeing our research showed us her company website that has fancy enhanced features at Fligence.com

Then we stumbled upon the Kastle back to work monitor

Then Indeed job openings indexes

Now another new tracker… but this time boats!

Marine Traffic – Marinetraffic.com

Last week on an Institutional Investor conference call, one of the presenters mentioned watching Marinetraffic.com

Music to our ears…. another cool way to review the Economy and world transit.

The following is from the website, but there is also a very neat downloadable cell app, that has most of the same features.

With a monthly subscription (certainly a Naval person’s must) you can slice and dice the worlds naval transit in almost any way one would want….

Without a subscription, our situation, there is still a TON of neat information— on the live site you can hover over each boat and get more information!

All Ships

Cargo Ships

Pattern is very interesting, looks like close to shore for protection?

Tankers – Oil, LNG and other similar commodity transportation

More direct and less shore line hugging- interesting – maybe they are bigger?

Fishing Boats – How neat is that!

Satellite tracks these guys …certainly in areas that would be expected- warm!

USA Coasts– Wow – Gulf of Mexico

Look for us to review this in the future….

Sure wished we would have known of this before, but better late than never!

Have a Great “Marine Traffic” Day!

Founder of J.K. Financial, Inc.

A Dallas Texas based fee only

Financial Planning Total Wealth

Management firm.