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Part 15 : Tom Clark, Medicare Expert, with Audio – Three Medicare Supplemental Options – FINAL PART – Thanks Tom for all your content!

This marks the last Part and as they say …  last but not least … Mr. Clark discusses the three options for Medicare Supplemental/Gap Policy. Let it be noted, you most certainly need these, but the good news is this is finally pretty straight forward.

 Direct Audio Here on our site for your viewing/listening pleasures as well as links to every full  post:

Once again, neatly there is a gold nugget of information in the audio, and a trick on where to find an easy phone number to call to get a referral for help – listen up and enjoy –

Medicare Supplement Explained Three Options 

  • Employer Offered Supplemental Private Insurance – this less often- likely best option if available – best coverage
  • Traditional Medicare – no network must buy a Medigap Policy A through F – Full comprehensive coverage- similar to full health coverage, but at the Medicare Level
  • Medicare Advantage – Like Medicare HMO – Network of People that must go through
  • 26 Medicare Advantage plans in DFW area-
  • Part D may or may not be available for Medicare Advantage
  • Do not try to do this all by yourself- see next
  • Local Non-Profit Agency – Dallas County would likely be the Dallas County Agency on Aging, Fort Worth would be the Tarrant County Agency on Aging
  • Dial – 211 – Phone Number for Social Service Referrals – NO kidding – Texas a state that this number works completely, may not be available in all states

Here is the audio…

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Medicare Part C: Our Supplemental Coverage Series from Our Private Client Event

In our continued series from our Private Client Roundtable event earlier this year, Mr. Tom Clark gives us the details on supplemental coverage. As mentioned last week there are three possible broad supplemental options, today we continue with a second possible supplemental option:

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Medicare Managed Care supplemental Plans

AKA Medicare Advantage and AKA Medicare Part C:Medicare Part C

  • Very much like a Medicare HMO
  • Set co-pays for expenses
  • Very competitive keeping costs down
  • Sixteen possible options in Dallas, similar options most likely in larger urban areas

Important tool for Picking the correct plan

Due to the afore-mentioned competitive options, finding the best Medicare Managed Care/Part C plan for you can be daunting.

Not to worry, Tom Clark our speaker pointed to the solution and speaks of a very personal success story of a relative, which is included in the audio.

  • Go to www.Medicare.gov
  • Click on Plan finder tool (direct link here)
  • Enter your information and this handy tool will assist in picking the best plan for your situation

 Thanks Tom for the secret link to the Plan Finder tool, we appreciate it …. J.K. Financial, Inc. and clients …  NICE!

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