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Important One Year Anniversary? … Technology Tethered Modern Day Spring Break Concludes… Newsletter Subjects and Neat Graphs but very little content YET … Friday On the Way Back Home soon!

Happy Anniversary Yesterday – Of What?

Long time followers will find this hard to believe ….. but it is true..

What was an important 1 year anniversary as of yesterday?

You’ve got this… but it is not easy…??

The FOMC (Federal Open Market Committee) commenced their FIRST rate increase one year ago, yesterday!

The important part of this is the lag affect … the US Economy is like an aircraft carrier, not a ski boat in that it changes directions SLOWLY! More on this soon… hey it is a Friday… let’s carry on! But worth thinking about …

Modern Day Spring Break

Tomorrow we head back… it was a super fun Spring Break, and in some ways work “Stuff” was even more productive…

Always glad to be available …. heck it’s never “Work” anyway!

Thanks to technology (note battery charger for cell in pic, no plug in this courtyard), the events of the last week were digested or maybe consumed is a better word… and as mentioned in the Mid-Week Wednesday post, were not completely surprising…

More to come as needed in this area!

Newsletter in Motion

The goal was to have the Newsletter complete, but the afore mentioned events took over and while much of the diagnostic graphs have been completed … the verbiage is not … hope my editor, who likes to get a head start does not see this…. oh well…

Have a Great Friday … Super Weekend and talk next week from the regular Saddle!

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