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Spring Break Hump Day … Money Saving Cell Phone Tip

Ok…so I couldn’t leave the keyboard alone for the spring break week, but the writings are fun and fortunately this is never work to me. Yesterday I even had a lengthy interview with a reporter from ABC News, again a fun work related event, that if printed, I will let you know. Hope you enjoy the following “light” post from afar on Hump Day of Spring Break!

AT&T Wireless threw the official first punch by a wireless giant several weeks ago. Now with other wireless carriers (Verizon) following, you may find extra dollars in your pocket, if you request a change.

Cell Phone Price Wars = SavingsPrice War

Recently AT&T (my carrier) announced about a 33% decrease in some base plan rates.

Here is the Trick:

In order to have my personal bill lowered, I needed to log into my account on-line and choose the new plan pricing option. While not complicated, it did take action by myself to complete the transaction.

As an investor, this lower price is not always great due to the pressures on margins and the possible commoditization of services, however as a consumer this is a nice break.

Check it out….hopefully you will have the same savings! Every penny counts!

Have a Great Day!

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