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Home Builder Optimism Builds …. Interesting Time Comparative and Updated Average Mortgage Rates

Last week, the NAHB (National Association of Home Builders) released their monthly survey of Home builder’s expectations …. Market participants expected a reading of 60 ….

The actual reading was 72 !

Wow…. our chart is a month delayed due to copyright restrictions, but you can easily see the almost complete bounce back…

7-16-20 NAHB Homebuilders index 5 years

While we are reviewing Home Builders sentiment…. here is a longer term chart worth reviewing….

Note these guys were WELL ahead of the pending slowdown of 07-09 …

They began getting cold feet in 2006 !

This slowdown is likely not going to show force in the residential asset area.

7-16-20 NAHB Homebuilders index 20 years

Oh…. all time low Mortgage Rates are also helping!

7-17-20 Fixerd 30 year mortgage rate average

Here is a link to thorough thoughts for Refinancing!

Have a Great “Stable Residential Assets” Day!

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