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New Lease Signed at 8222 Douglas … Preview- Interest Rate Deep Dive … The Masters Weekend … Friday

It’s finally done!  We are happy to announce we have signed a new lease extending our stay here for about another six years from today! yay

The lengthy signing was certainly not due to knuckles and a negative experience, but more from a conflict of schedules on all parties. After just a few renditions we settled on a happy extension, more costly, but very happy to be in our same location for the next greater than a half a decade.

8222 Douglas Ave # 590 – Home of J.K. Financial, Inc.

Preview of Interest Rate Deep Dive

With some terrific dialogue both here and in the headlines concerning interest rates, we are happy to preview a deep dive on rates next week and a reminder on the ultimate affects interest rates have on asset prices and the economy.

Masters Weekend – Return to Normal?

This weekend, in a more back to the normal Masters Golf Tournament …. we can see one of its all star students who 25 years ago this year made his amazing splash onto the venue. Will be watching, hope you will as well for some wonderful scenic views and back to normal spring sports!

Ahhhhh …. today is a Friday, heading into what looks to be a beautiful weekend here locally, hopefully it’s nice where you are, enjoy your weekend, talk next week!

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