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DALL – E – 2 from Open AI (Artificial Intelligence) – Copyright Free Art/Pictures/Images Created by You or Me! … Examples …

We have spoken about this before, but in brevity….and the popularity of this is rising so fast, we can hardly keep up ….

ChatGPT is all the rage at the moment, and we spoke of it here, again in brevity….

This is making its’ way into our coming Newsletter in greater detail…. But let’s start from the beginnings of our experience and show you just a few of our creations…

Dall-E-2 – the Image portion from Open AI

With Copyright issues abounding, we happily stumbled into DALL-E-2 named somewhat from the Pixar Movie WALL-E and Salvador Dali the artist… The whole family has accounts and all enjoy creating images… in fact, here are just a few images we have been using here…. once again all created by us ….

Oh, and those unfamiliar with the process … you type a literal sentence or phrase of what you want it to create and BOOM you get an AI created picture…

“Uncle Sam Beach Bum” created this and was used in a post where we spoke of Tax time not here yet….

Here are a few more…again all used here in our blog…VERY HAPPILY

We will dive deeper into CHATGPT next…but hope this helps give you a 10000 foot overview and will let you know what people are talking about when this terminology is mentioned!

Have a Great “DALL-E-2” Informed Day!

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