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$18,000 or $24,000 — Funding levels of the most popular retirement plans – Break In : Pamela Yip

As we head into the final 90 day treadmill (aka quarter) of the year, we wanted to remind everyone once again of the most common retirement maximum pre-tax deferral amounts !

$18,000 or if you are 50 years young – $24,000

The standard maximum– again for the most common (each situation may be slightly different) pre-tax contribution amounts are $18k and $24k for those 50 or older.Retirement Plan

Check your YTD pay deferrals now- if you are short you still have plenty of time to catch up!

Call if ANY questions!

Have a Great Monday!

BREAK IN – Pamela Yip

Yesterday we lost one of the best financial planning reporters in the country. Early in my career I had the honor and luck to meet Pamela and work on many projects, both publicly and behind the scenes for over a decade. Pamela truly lived and breathed the spirit of financial planning.  Pamela_Yip

We wish her family the best and she will be missed by all.

This is just the perfect type of post to honor her — a true financial planning reminder article.


John A. Kvale CFA, CFP

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Technology again amazes, Dallas Morning News Article Quote…Out later this week

Over the weekend, once again technology amazed. Sitting in a Starbucks in San Antonio Texas early Saturday morning, reading through the digital versions of various periodicals, I spotted a quote in the Dallas Morning News by the wonderful Pamela Yip. (More in a few)

Technology, now a mobility and time giver

Technology, once a privacy and mobility taker has in my opinion gone full circle. Neatly, in a matter of minutes I was able to send out a quick note (delayed delivery for those similar to most of my family who like to sleep in..haha) alerting those who are a part email notification on our www.street-cents.com site to the article and the quote.

This is just another example and reason why we really like the ability to quickly contact everyone via email…thanks for those 500+ email notification participants…if you are not on the list, click on the email notification link…it’s free, one click opt out and you will always get our true, original thoughts and ideas ! We will not abuse your time.

While we do not know why, there may be a time when the quick action and notification is extremely important. This time, a quick note and positive mention was the reason.

Dallas Morning News Article – The Great Pamela YipDallas News Logo

In the afore mentioned article by Pamela Yip, she asked me for information and advice concerning changing medical situations, the need for possible extra emergency funds, other expenses, and the possible ways to set aside funds. Many noteworthy friends and peers were mentioned in the article, and my comments concerning family longevity made the cut as well.

Those who have worked with us on a retirement projection model know there is a special column in your plan available for monthly/annual medical expenses and needs….showing our belief how important planning for this possible expense is.

Lastly, Pamela Yip is a terrific reporter who gets it. I have interacted with her for over 10 years and know her to be one of the few who really attempt to tell the true and correct story to her readers and followers. This is not always the case in today’s media…as there is much over drama in a lot of reporting today. Well Done Pamela!

Out of the State Thursday and Friday

As a reminder, the travels continue as I will be out of the office on Thursday and Friday, this time out of the state. You are always in good hands with the team and I am always available……by that amazing technology of course!

Have a Great Monday!

John Kvale

PS For those that asked about last Friday’s 6:45 am tennis lesson…it was for my 8 year old…certainly not me…haha



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Nice Mention in Today’s Dallas Morning News–By the Terrific Pamela Yip

Ok, so it is the weekend…I will be brief…

In today’s Dallas Morning News, the terrific Pamela Yip has a nice article (click here for digital subscribers) on preparing cash needs for Financial Health Emergencies and changes.

Fortunately, I was mentioned in the article under “Your Health History” in which I spoke about my experiences with clients in the needs of longevity.

Have a great rest of the weekend!

John Kvale

PS More on Monday!


A Nerds View of Weird Inflection Points…the terrific Pamela Yip from Dallas Morning News…Technology

Saturday morning (3-9-13) our road trip began, not as early as hoped but that was another story. Being a 100% full-fledged capital market and economic nerd I proceeded with my usual habit, download all the latest interesting interviews on Bloomberg’s Radio to my phone and listen to the numerous interviews. This is especially helpful as much of the drive is in an area where there is no reception.Nerd

It gets Weird and Inflection Points

My download list of about 15-20 interviews for a total of about two hours is carefully selected. My goal is to get thoughts from reputable people (over the years you get to know many, but not all) and purposely get differing opinions. I do not want all sky is falling or the world is great, but a mix of 50/50.  Near the end of my two-hour nerd listening journey two consecutive reputable folks from firms I am familiar laid out their thoughts. The earlier interviewer gave extremely good evidence, facts, and non-dramatic reasons why the 10 year yield would be going to 1%…all of which I agreed with. The later interview, giving similar excellent facts, evidence and again most importantly non-dramatic reasons why the 10 year would go to 3.5% by year-end all of which I agreed with….AND this person’s speciality was in an area that would be hurt by such a move, giving me  more credence to such prognostications. Donald said this a while back “It get’s Weird at Inflection Points” and it still remains true, in my opinion. Time will tell, however confusion on direction is what makes this fun, especially at this immediate moment.

Pamela Yip’s Dallas Morning News Article

On Saturday (3-9-13) I was quoted by the terrific Pamela Yip in the Dallas Morning News. Pam and I go way back and have spent a lot of time working together.  She is a terrific reporter who “gets it” and has withstood the changes in the industry. Here is the link to the article, it is worth a read.

Technology continues to amaze

For those that check their email over the weekend, I posted a short note about the afore-mentioned Dallas Morning News article as my thinking was many may have had the paper in their possession that day. A neat fact is that I was able to do this, from my phone, literally while traveling. Amazing technology (not to mention the constant texts my family was sending and receiving while in transit.) In this case this was a fun and more informative post, but there could be a time where it is comforting to know that we can get information to you FAST, and easy if necessary….another reason to be sure you are on the automated email list.

Have a great day!


PS The Newsletter script is being written and has some exciting new findings and enhancements we have completed over the last 90 days….

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John in Today’s Dallas Morning News

On the road, but if you happen to read today’s article by the terrific Dallas Morning News finance reporter Pamela Yip, I was quoted with advice for investing for elders…..here is the link

Have a great weekend!