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Cell Phone Spammer, Scammer Update…

Have you ever bought a car only to find out that after your purchase EVERYBODY seems to have your same car?

Being a bit nerdy (is that a word?) after writing the post a few back about recent cell phone scammers and phishing, it seems like it has surrounded us!

This from a Flight Magazine just after the aforementioned post!

Apps We Have Tested and a Comprehensive Resource (Humor here too)

After the splash scammer post, Donald the Brain, noted an app for extra help …

Of course…

“There’s an App for that!”

Here is the At&t App- Be careful upon install to only sign up for basic coverage unless you want to pay the extra monthly charge – our family has found the basic to be VERY helpful… and it’s free…

At&T Spam Blocker App

Verizon’s Call Block App – Not having this service we are not sure on its effectiveness or cost, but as direct competitors, likely very similar.

Verizon Spam Block APP

In an unsuccessful search for Sprint and other Apps we found this interesting comprehensive article from PC Magazine – in true irony form, this article has tons of pop up adds … so similar to unwanted calls (digressing again!) –

Per the article there is even a paid for App that will heckle the callers by using pre-recorded answers to waste their time…. not sure would go that far, but its available…each to their own.

Lastly, those wondering about the 11 year old and his no answer about hitting the link (last item in original post) the phone has not exploded and seems to work, but his number certainly has the most attention… Hilton alleged call just yesterday! (He answered but did not hit a button for response!)

We would recommend you carefully answer any texts/calls, as from our experience it let’s the other party know it’s a live number!


Have a Great “Updated Scammers” Day!

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Travels Continue – Which tax software should you use ? Friday – Spring Break

According to this very interesting IRS 2015 Tax Facts report, well over half of all returns are completed by tax professionals.

2015 Tax Return Facts

Of course that leaves the rest for do-it-yourselfers !

If your return is straight forward, do-it-yourself may be just the ticket !

Best do it yourself tax software?

According to PC Magazine, here are their results:

2016 PC Magazine Tax Prep review

We recommend you use the on-line versions with Turbo Tax being our favorite followed by H&R Bock …

A couple of reminders and recommendations:

  • Make your passwords strong – crooks are out there
  • Careful with auto uploads – they can at times be very unreliable
  • Complete your return in bites and review it later with a new set of eyes
  • Let us know if you have troubles — we have your back!


Travels – Spring Break – Very Lightly Tethered

After a whirl wind several months of travels, I am out of the office (and state) today for a very busy Friday of business followed by spring break with the family, both in the same location. Tomorrow brings a tennis tournament for Sophia as well!spring break

After promising the family focused time on them, I will be very lightly tethered electronically, and MAY not even post next week… no promises..haha … Donald, Cathy and our back office team are ready and in total control!

With the coming Newsletter swirling around in my head and an editor about to hit the road with a new RV  … there will be Article creation time!

Have a great day and wonderful weekend !

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