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British Open Elder Leader/Markets… Extended Travels Begin … Friday

With a 5 on the front part of the clock, it is neat to see Phil Michelson, a personal favorite, recently written off due to the 5 front number approaching in his age, now leading the British Open! … 46 is really not that old is it?

Speaking of elder statesmen, the large company US capital markets hit new highs this week, making them, historically speaking, one of the longest/oldest in history.

It is a good thing for both parties, they don’t just die of old age … good luck Phil … More about the markets to come (Had to know there would be a market/sports comparison in there somewhere! yaya market/sports nerds)

Extended Travels Commence

The annual extended travel/remote working begins next week. Fellow professionals, family, and friends visits are all in store. Thanks to technology “think time” and a “sharpening of the saw” occur without missing a beat from the office.

A multi-part special series on the New Vault is in store, as well a promised economic analysis, beginning of earnings season, and updates.

Ahhh…. but today is a Friday heading into another wonderful Summer Weekend … enjoy yours … and talk to you next week !

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July 2013 Review…Video…Congrats Phil

Surprisingly, Economics has taken over even in a month chalked full of earnings reports by large companies. Currently the broad Economic releases are having a far greater impact than the 90 day treadmill we speak so much of.

Philadelphia Fed Survey Rocks (Volatile)

Expectations versus actual were the name of the game on this regional survey released on 7-16-13  as the result was a whopping 19.8 and the expectation was for a 9. This is a regional survey and is very volatile. The surprisingly positive result sparked market participants as doubt had been lingering from several prior released regional reports.

Phillly Fed Survey Econoday 7-16-13

ISM Manufacturing Rips Higher

While this report is actually the first day of August, we included it in our July review. Market participants had been waiting for another positive signal to bid up the capital markets and they got one in this report.  Again, expectations were much lower than actual, breathing confidence into the US Economy.

This from our friends at Econoday:

It’s hard to understate the gains in this report. Employment is up, imports are up, export orders show growth, delivery times are up which is a sign of congestion in the supply chain consistent with strong activity.

ISM Manufacturing 8-1-13

Interest Rates Still VERY Important

Of course, what would a monthly review be without a discussion of rates. With rates much higher today, closer to 2.7% we wanted to preview this chart as we will discuss it again later when we look at where rates may go in the future. It is safe to say, HIGHER is very probable!

!0 Year V SPY 7-25-13

Phil Michelson wins the Open

A picture worth 1000 words…or maybe swings!

Well Done Phil, You Deserved it!

Phil British Open

Have a Great Day!

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