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National Apartment Rent Cost Increase 2017 to Present from Apartmentlist.com … A 30% Increase YTD – Wow!

We had been very excited to show you this, but needed Copyright approval first.

A very timely update to our end of the week CPI analysis.

Last week we finally got Copyright approval….

So here we go!

National Rental Costs from Apartmentlist.com

We have been hearing of rent increases, but did not have a great way to track it. After running across the fantastic Apartment site at www.apartmentlist.com, which has over 5 million apartments and counting for rent, and they are collecting data.

The following is the National Average from 2017 to present. More specific geographic areas are available, but we wanted to use the broadest measure.

Rising rent costs are an understatement, the move from the beginning of the year is approaching 30%…. yep a 30% increase in rent, NATIONWIDE

With Shelter being such a large portion of not only the CPI, but many families expenses, this is worth watching closely!

Have a Great “Rent Increases Analysis” Day!

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