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BREAK IN- DELAYED IRS REFUNDS (35 million to be exact) … Branson Makes History … Survey Results Preview … Trials of Server Cut Over … British Open Friday …

BREAK IN – After multiple inqueries this week regarding missing or delayed refunds, then a field touch of Tax Professionals and other expected refunders we came to the comfortable conclusion there are delays.

Before we could get this to you, this yahoo finance story breaks, saying as many as 20% of all returns (35 million- yikes) may be delayed… wow- but good detective instincts by us!

So if you have a refund due, and it is late, don’t worry, the IRS is behind but will get to us eventually!

Branson Hits the Skies

Ya ya, a bunch of Billionaires racing to the skies… we get the negative, but you cannot take away the fact that Branson (Musk and Bezos in line too) took to the skies and was the first outer space self funded and self manned traveling vessel.

These things crash and explode… frequently… heck Branson did not even wear a helmet… cavalier, maybe…. ego driven…. maybe, accomplishment, for sure!

Crazy Billionaire…. Maybe!

Survey Results Preview

We have run into a terrific survey that we cannot believe. Over 8000 folks were surveyed across the globe with some startling results….

Planned on having it mid-week this week, but did not get Copyright clearing until later….

Look out next week, we cannot wait to review…. it may even be good enough for a Two Part Series… will see…

Trials and Tribulation of the Summer Tech Update

Literally the day we posted our initial announcement of our summer technology update on Friday…. Our WIFI at the office went out…

Nothing to do with the update, we assure you!”

Ok, fine … Monday of the week found several of us no access to our contact information and email….

Luckily the cell and Ipad were working great UNTIL – Thursday.. Boom, down ….but fixed with a call to said IT folks…

If you happen to send an email to us and not receive a response, please resend, we MAY have not received it!

Next week fingers crossed for a smooth “Cut Over” (Techie term for new services)

Ahhhhhh…. but today is a Friday…. you guys know how much I like the summer sun, yep its hot, but that’s ok, enjoy your day, your weekend, and be sure to spend time with those special in your life if possible – talk next week!

Ohhh, and one more thing… it is a British Open Golf Weekend, where Golf will be available first thing in the AM for those who fancy such!

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