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Finally – School is out, let the Summer begin … Shhh, putting the final touches on a neat ALL NEW venue for the Holiday Party – Audio Found

Some how, the unlucky gang ended up in one of that latest ending school years in the South…. sorry guys…

No matter, as of today, let the stay up late nights/sleep in late mornings begin… all good …

They are so much more happy with the last day of the year than the first… go figure

Schools Out


Holiday Party Planning

Shhhh … we are putting the final touches on what we think will be a very neat Holiday Party venue … the date looks to be slightly different due …. well to the venue – we think you will like it too, as soon as we put the final touches on the contract we will excitedly let you know!

Good News – the audio from the Robert Kaplan event has been retrieved … funny how the wrong download attachment found its way into the back pack – user error !

Have a GREAT “Beginning of the Summer” Friday!

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Hacker(s) gets 100 thousand Tax Returns from IRS…. SCHOOL IS OUT !!!

In a “You cannot make this up moment“, the IRS reported on Tuesday the 26th, a clever hacker(s) managed to get over 100 thousand tax returns.

The hacks were via a request for transcript, much like a bank or mortgage company would do to confirm your filed return was the same as the one you may be showing them.

Most Important Item of the IRS hack

The IRS is going to send a letter to those they believe information was stolen. We will update you as more information is released, but for now be on the watch for a letter.

In this crazy cyberworld, also be on the watch for a fake/hack letter …. I know, you gotta be kidding me…nope !

School is out

Schools Out
Seems like only yesterday I posted this picture, but it indeed was ANOTHER full year ago !

Today my first grader has a new curvy number in front of his grade level and my fourth grade princess “graduates” from her school, and heads to middle school… formal ceremony, funny five-year video, tons of mom (and dad) tears not withstanding, I will be out most of the afternoon !

It goes fast… do not take it for granted !!

Talk to you next week … Yep that is a new month too!!! …. told ya it goes fast

Have a great weekend!

John A. Kvale CFA, CFP

PS Donald “The Brain” and family have not floated away and are fine, but considered building an ARK!!

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