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A Letter to the SEC Goes Public from John

Last week I sent the SEC a letter concerning the financial system, my feelings towards the changes that have occurred in the last several years, and a short recommendation on ways to help simplify the system for the betterment of investors.

SEC Letter from JK

Much to my surprise, (I am not sure if this is regular policy or not) my letter was posted on the SEC website as a discussion topic. I was notified of this SEC posting by a colleague at the all day meeting I mentioned last week and was congratulated on my comments by several peers.

With a long career in this industry, 21 years so far, and at least another 25 – 30 more intended, the purpose of the letter was to help support and explain policy change that will make it easier for all investors to have confidence in the system and better themselves through clear, objective investing.

I take the future of this industry, and indirectly our long-term investing future, very seriously and offered my services to the SEC for further questions.

Just thought you might find it interesting how important our services and investor’s long-term future in the capital markets are to us.

Have A Good Day!