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Out with one “Pap”, in with another “Pap”, Pressure on Berlusconi

Since it is a post daylight savings time changed Monday, we will keep this brief. Tthe weekend events are shedding light on new international players you may want to know.

As of this morning, it appears that Greece is set to send their current leader, George Papandreau home, with a new front running leader, Lucas Papademos. The later Pap is a former VP of the European Central Bank.  As you may have determined by now, the “Pap” prefix for last names is quite “pap”ular (being funny.)

Pappandreou & Papademos

The importance of this is Greek movement toward a more economically feasible plan. Tossing a leader out is similar to firing a head coach, as it may inspire the team and commence movement in another direction.  As a reminder this “little brother” country has been spending much more than their paychecks for some time. This move MAY be met with positive investor reactions.


In a note on how dynamic this situation is, before I am able to finish this post, Berlusconi who is/was the Italian leader, which was another important person to know, appears to also be headed home too. Much of the news is sketchy at best. No matter, Mr. Berlusconi is the Italian leader who the spotlight will shine on now, that it appears Greece is making positive moves to better their economic situation.

Those are the very important players for today!

Have a Great Monday!