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Quick Update on Treasury Yields…. 2 Year and 10 Year Treasury Yield Down, Price Up, Good for Stocks at the Moment but ….

With a road trip happening as you read this…. was a bit short on time for our mid-week post…. links in this post explain a lot….

Wanted to draw your attention to the move in US Treasury yields/bonds (and show off our new Koyfin technology too) …. this is the 2 and 10 year (still inverted- more to come on this- digressing) ….more importantly, the sudden drop, commenced by an FOMC meeting and then reinforced by weaker Employment data has bond interest rates down, bond prices up…..

This move down in yields has initially pushed Stocks up, and bond portfolios UP… we are cautious to call a victory lap on this bond and interest rate movement, but again worth noting…..

More importantly, bonds go up and rates down, under this circumstance because the smart guys in the room… are pricing in a slowing of the economy…. NOT usually good for Stocks…. after the candy wears off!

Have a Great “Quick Deeper Dive/Second Level Thinking on Rates” Day!

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