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Social Media Platforms Deep Dive … Chasing The Kids Next App … Good Luck

About one week ago, both kiddos asked me if I knew that TikTok was scheduled to be banned in the United State – Much to their surprise, I did …. What I did not know, was exactly what TikTok did at the time….

Thankfully with a little help from the kids, I now understand what this social media app does…. not really sure of the popularity … but ok

Had no idea, just how big this app was….

With multiple recent office conversations on the subject, timely chart!

Social Media Platforms Size and Analysis

Thanks once again to our friends at Visual Capitalist, here is an excellent chart of the platforms…

Hope there are fellow parents that are better at anticipating where the kids next hot app will be … for monitoring purposes …

Just got familiar with Instagram, kids gone… all about snapshat and the afore mentioned TikTok …

Talk Facebook to a teenager and they will look at you like you have three eyes…. not kidding!

Good Luck Fellow Parent App Chasers….may the force be with you in finding the next hot app they gravitate to!

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