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Important: Annual Reminder to Take a Few Moments and Review Your Social Security Statement … Just Take 5 Minutes and Quickly Review Most Importantly Your Earnings Record!

if you are already drawing your Social Security, you get a hall pass today … watch for posts coming in two days as this is not applicable to you.

ANYONE who is not drawing Social Security please take a moment to review our annual reminder of your Social Security statement. We have some great new findings and the statement has been completely updated, finally!

In true “practice what you preach”  fashion yesterday morning in less than 5 minutes time a quick review of the Social Security statement was completed. Being 100% certain the filing was made since it was done in-house … but not trusting that the mail could have possibly not been delivered, this annual review is worth every bit of the five minutes it takes!

Here is the link to the newly updated Social Security log in web page…. Please take 5 minutes out of your day to log in and confirm … most importantly … that your earnings have been recorded for at least years 2020 and prior!

Annual Reminder to Review Your Social Security Statement

With a cup of Java in hand and early morning peace and quiet, in less than five minutes time a quick review of the Social Security statement due to an inbound email reminder was completed.

This year’s review was happily surprised at a complete update, (finally) of the statement. The new statement has neat bar graphs cascading from left to right showing early retirement benefits all the way to the full age 70 late retirement benefits, actually have to compliment the Social Security Association for integrating some technology, well done guys!

This year’s login which had a silly username from last year’s loss of password required email confirmation of a passcode, so just a heads up to be prepared for that.

The most important reason to review your annual Social Security statement is to make sure your years Earnings Income have been credited to your account.

In my case not surprisingly year 2021 credits had not been added as of this date … as a reminder January 31st is the deadline for employers to send the W3’s for all employees to the Social Security Administration, which is why it was not a surprise that a mid to early February review garnered no credits as of yet. Prior year credits work confirmed and again most importantly this is what you are looking for to make sure your credits were added to your Social Security statement.

From the Social Security Website:

If the earnings missing from your Social Security record are for the current year or last year, you don’t need to worry. Because these earnings are recent, we may not have recorded them yet. They should appear on a later Statement.

However, earnings could be missing from your record for earlier years for one of the following reasons:

  • Your employer reported your earnings using the wrong name or Social Security number.
  • Your employer reported your earnings incorrectly.
  • You got married or divorced and changed your name, but never reported the change to Social Security.
  • You worked using a Social Security number that didn’t belong to you.

See something that doesn’t match with your records? If there’s a mismatch between your records and the earnings listed, contact us to request a correction.

The contact us link from the Social Security Administration is purposefully hot so feel free to click on that link for contact information should you find your earnings record missing data.

Fancy new features of the Social Security website:

Scrolling just marginally down on the splash page immediately gives you a hot link to your earnings records. Again no matter what your age if you are not taking Social Security and have earnings please confirm that those earnings are being credited.

Scrolling down even further there is a fancy new graph that can be downloaded separately from your statement showing your estimated earnings benefits, cool stuff!

Wanda Worker Sample Benefit Statement

Farther down once again on the splash page is a quick calculator for a spouse or former spouse benefit based on your Social Security estimate, again cool stuff!

A hand clap applaud for the Social Security Administration for finally adding some neat tech functionality that makes the statement so much easier to read and interactive, well done guys!

Yes we can all debate whether Social Security will be there or not, but no matter the end result it’s worth 5 minutes of your time to log in take a look at the new fancy statement and confirm your earnings credits are being added to your records!

By the way this complete post has been done with a new wireless mic that is working like a charm, hat tip to the 14 year old technology son!  Can’t wait to do a video with it, constantly trying to improve!

Have a wonderful “Annual Social Security Earnings Credit Review Reminder” day!

John A. Kvale CFA, CFP

Founder of J.K. Financial, Inc.

A Dallas Texas based fee only

Financial Planning Total Wealth

Management firm.



Why You Should Check Your Social Security Earnings Credits No Matter Your Age

While many may argue contrary to our fantastic Social Security speaker whom we have had twice now Mr. Tom Clark who assures us that Social Security will always be there, many do not believe this for various reasons. 

No matter your beliefs or age we highly encourage you to check your Social Security Statement and most importantly your Social Security Earnings Record.  

Earnings Benefit Credit Statement

Do not be concerned if just as this example, does not show your 2020 earnings posted as of yet there have been some delays and normally this is not posted at an early time in the year anyway . 

What we want to be concerned about is if there are gaps in our earnings history or a partial credit (change of employers) that should have been credited. there are many reasons that this can occur such as just a lost document in the Mail or an employer was bought out or closed and did not report your hard earned earnings period. 

How Do I Find This Statement? 

In 1999, the Social Security Administration mailed a paper copy to everyone every year. Budget cuts a dozen years later stopped this handy paper copy, leaving all of us to easily forget to double check our statement annually. 

For the record according to the Administration folks at age 60 are supposed to receive a paper copy, but our informal poll shows a low hit ratio. 

Not to worry, it is not that hard set up an account, ESPECIALLY if it is your first time. 

Go to www.ssa.gov and either log into your account or create an account and pull down your statement…

Oh, keep your credentials safe … lost mine and was a huge pain getting logged back into the site!

Have a Great “Social Security Earnings History Check Reminder” Day!

John A. Kvale CFA, CFP

Founder of J.K. Financial, Inc.

A Dallas Texas based fee only

Financial Planning Total Wealth

Management firm.



Paper Social Security Statements are Back….Well sorta

Last year (2011), the US government, due to budgetary constraints did not send out the annual Social Security paper statement concerning tax payer credits, earnings history, and projections.  Click here for complete details of our prior article.

This year they have returned for some, and others electronically. By going to this Social Security site, you may create an account and receive an on-line version of your statement with your account information. In less than 5 minutes (being my own guinea pig) I was able to complete this process and download a pdf version of my 2011 statement for future reference.  We highly recommend you do this as a tax payer, as it is a good idea to review your credit history for errors due to the fact there is a time limit for having salary credited to your account.

For those age 60 or older who are not currently receiving Social Security benefits you are supposed to receive a paper statement until you commence benefits. On the other end of the scale, those newer workforce participants turning 25, will receive A (only one) paper benefit statement as well.

This from a Social Security press release earlier in 2012:

“In February 2012,  Social Security resumed mailing paper Statements to workers age 60 and older if they are not already receiving Social Security  benefits.  Later this year, the agency  plans to mail paper Statements to  workers in the year they reach age 25.”

The following is a bit of less than uplifting, but honest, language from page 1 of our statements:

“Without changes, in 2033 the Social Security Trust Fund will be able to pay only about 75 cents for each dollar of scheduled benefits.* We need to resolve these issues soon to make sure Social Security continues to provide a foundation of protection for future generations.”

While we all have our beliefs on when and how much benefits will be in the future, it is very important we confirm that we are being credited  for the amounts we pay in, no matter what the end result may be. Please take a few minutes to review the site and create your account for current and future review.

Have a Great Day and a Super Weekend!


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