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August 2019 Podcast Video, Financial Planning and Capital Market Update – By John Kvale (With Blooper at end of Video)

Hello and Welcome to our August 2019 Financial Planning and Capital Market Update!

If you are too busy to read, feel free to listen as we describe our post and thoughts in friendly podcast format as well as Video!

Newbies –

We like to articulate our thoughts and review on a Monthly basis our Financial Planning Tips, Capital Markets and current events!

August – 2019 Video

Financial Planning Tip (s) –

Three Most Important Social Security Posts SO FAR

As of this review we have one more unique age related Social Security Post to come, but the three most important posts so far are as follows:

Living Spousal Benefits

Deceased Spousal Benefits

Divorced Spousal Benefits 

Click each link for the actual post…. each post has a couple of minute discussion from Social Security Expert Tom Clark — THESE ARE IMPORTANT AND COMPLICATED-  so take your time!

Call Spam Protection Update

In this second follow up post due to demand, comments and questions we further discuss options for additional protection, depending on the major service provider….

Capital Market Comments –

Tariff Talk Jitters

Depending on the day and the headline, Capital Market Participants in true bipolar fashion seem to either cheer with reckless abandonment and buy buy buy or head for the exits and sell sell sell….

Just by chance it was nice to run across a wonderful historical chart, here in this post, showing this Tariff talk is far from the first time…. maybe for some of us, but in reality we have been dealing with this for decades….(Century)

us-trade-wars-history Cropped

Have a Great Day – Talk to you at the end of September!

John A. Kvale CFA, CFP

Founder of J.K. Financial, Inc.
A Dallas Texas based fee only
Financial Planning Total Wealth
Management firm.

Cell Phone Spammer, Scammer Update…

Have you ever bought a car only to find out that after your purchase EVERYBODY seems to have your same car?

Being a bit nerdy (is that a word?) after writing the post a few back about recent cell phone scammers and phishing, it seems like it has surrounded us!

This from a Flight Magazine just after the aforementioned post!

Apps We Have Tested and a Comprehensive Resource (Humor here too)

After the splash scammer post, Donald the Brain, noted an app for extra help …

Of course…

“There’s an App for that!”

Here is the At&t App- Be careful upon install to only sign up for basic coverage unless you want to pay the extra monthly charge – our family has found the basic to be VERY helpful… and it’s free…

At&T Spam Blocker App

Verizon’s Call Block App – Not having this service we are not sure on its effectiveness or cost, but as direct competitors, likely very similar.

Verizon Spam Block APP

In an unsuccessful search for Sprint and other Apps we found this interesting comprehensive article from PC Magazine – in true irony form, this article has tons of pop up adds … so similar to unwanted calls (digressing again!) –

Per the article there is even a paid for App that will heckle the callers by using pre-recorded answers to waste their time…. not sure would go that far, but its available…each to their own.

Lastly, those wondering about the 11 year old and his no answer about hitting the link (last item in original post) the phone has not exploded and seems to work, but his number certainly has the most attention… Hilton alleged call just yesterday! (He answered but did not hit a button for response!)

We would recommend you carefully answer any texts/calls, as from our experience it let’s the other party know it’s a live number!


Have a Great “Updated Scammers” Day!

John A. Kvale CFA, CFP

Founder of J.K. Financial, Inc.
A Dallas Texas based fee only
Financial Planning Total Wealth
Management firm.



Scammer, Spammer and Down Right Crooks Update – Funny Personal Experience

With last Friday’s promised preview of updated scammers/bad guy techniques, the collection of examples for this post was well underway…

When doing a post such as this, in order to get the images for the example, many devices are often used. Literally as an upload of a screen shot text was being readied for this article from my cell … (while in the back of a large auditorium that housed 100’s that were supposed to be listening to the format and rules of the National Tennis Tournament being attended – let’s call it multitasking rather than lack of attention – digressing) … the upload was interrupted by the following call, fortunately the quick screen shot worked …

There was a number that followed the call, but in the unlikely event it WAS NOT a scam/spammer the number was left out for privacy…

Very coincidental timing at best….

Break In-

As mentioned also late in Friday’s post a new cell data service was ordered last week to include free unlimited data – with a little research it was discovered this new service has an free Spam Risk incoming call notification – still coincidental but partial mystery solved- Digressing again….

Social Security Scam

This is a carefully cropped letter (to protect identity from the field) of a very concerning letter that was allegedly sent from the Social Security Administration…

In the body of the letter there was information concerning a pension that was inaccurate, and seven years old…

Trust us that the letter looked VERY real at first… upon further review, here is what we found:

  • Request for phone number was on the letter from recipeint
  • Request for multiple years of income confirmation and pension information
  • No phone number to call for further information * This is what really led us to believe it was fraud
  • Return address for information was much different from mailing address

The letter was four pages long and very believable even frightening! Doing a search on the address, there was a Social Security Office near the address, but NOT AT the actual address of the letter – WOW very cleaver!

It sounds obvious after reviewing the facts, but at initial glance one could have easily entered information which would have certainly been followed by a phone call asking for more information-

If you have ANY doubts, send us a copy for review, just as our long time client did- do not take ANY chances – Hat tip JH!

Institutions Text Scams

The following texts have been collected over the last few months sent to my family and seem to be accelerating in frequency… Don’t Bite

Fake from Chase:

Fake from Amex – we do not even have an Amex Card

Fake from Microsoft:

Fake from Hotmail :

Lastly, a deleted example to the 11 year old, who certainly does not have a Capital One Account that would be at issue – although he questioned if he did- and wanted balances… not kidding..

Upon discussion if he clicked the link in the text, a straight answer was never received- hopefully there will not be a follow up post to this one, on what exactly happens to your phone if you click on the link –

Needless to say, there is are new form of spams, scammers, and phishing going on out there.. these are all text examples just from our family over the last few months!


Not trying to be a downer on a Monday, just a protector of our data, and keeping our technology clean and virus free!

Have a Great “Be Careful Out There” (showing age here – anyone remember the show?) Day!

John A. Kvale CFA, CFP

Founder of J.K. Financial, Inc.
A Dallas Texas based fee only
Financial Planning Total Wealth
Management firm.

Save the Date! 23rd Annual Holiday Party … Saturday November 17th from 3-5 pm Dallas Athletic Club – Caught Ya, Tricky spam site warning …

Its that time again!

Well almost…

The 23rd Annual (YES 23 YEARS!) J.K. Financial, Inc. Holiday Party



Saturday – November 17th, 2018

from 3-5 PM


We look forward to seeing everyone there and will send out formal invitations soon !

Tricky Spam Link – Fake Amazon

Our newest team member continues to jump into the water … even as we promise it is not cold… haha

Coincidentally .. with our IT folks on the line, Jen’s computer, just by chance began speaking to her and telling her to call Microsoft – Fake number of course –

IT folks quickly took over and fixed the problem — or did they?

A few minutes later after heading back towards amazon again for office supplies, the computer was chirping at us again…

Get this – a fake Google Ad Word hot link was jumping in front of the actual Amazon link – after a few repeat offenses, the link no longer came up – Maybe they used all the funds they had???  No matter, be careful, this was a crafty fake request – no damage though!

Feels like Fall Friday

It’s cool here, and looks to be for a few more days … enjoy your Friday and your weekend, lot’s of video’s coming at you next week – but that is next week!

Have a GREAT “Save the Date, Feels Like Fall Friday” Day!

John A. Kvale CFA, CFP

Founder of J.K. Financial, Inc.
A Dallas Texas based fee only
Financial Planning Total Wealth
Management firm.