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School Almost Over -Memorial Day Coming – Friday

After a struggling start to the school year, its hard to believe next Thursday marks the final day for the 7th grader…

Good News is he has two half days on Wednesday and Thursday

Bad News is he has two big tests on both days….

All together now – F O C U S ! Please….

The 10th Grade Tennis player (all On line) is down to the last proctored Exam tonight – Yea, 6 pm Friday fun!

OH… and we have this going on over the summer too… will let you know when the release comes so you all can stay off the streets! haha –

Happy Memorial Day Coming Reminder

With Friends, family and relatives in the Military – Memorial Day Brings on Stronger Meaning Each Year…

Monday Week, May 31st is Memorial Day – The Unofficial Pool Opening day! Given the water we have had coming from the sky of late, all pools will easily be full…. clean may be a different story, but take what they give I guess!

Shhhhh…. Don’t tell anyone, but the office will likely be closed near the end of next week for Kid enjoyment and a little R and R before the final push to tax season occurs – Will confirm again as we hit mid week next week !

Ahhhhh…. but today is a Friday, heading into a fun PGA Golf Major Championship Weekend!

Enjoy – Talk next week!

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Last Day of School …. Important Reminder for Your Electronic Safety

Today is the last day of school for my gang here in the Dallas area and many across the country.

YAAAAA for many and Oh Boy for many….depending on your camp.Schools Out

While today marks great happiness for the future of our country it also marks an important reminder.

Keep Your Electronic Guard Up

As fun fades and even turns to boredom under certain roof tops, we find electronic issues rise during this time of the year. Usually not malicious, but certainly annoying. Here are a couple of reminders:

  1. Change that weak password if you have not already
  2. Share your electronic information carefully
  3. Keep tabs of your emails, especially if you have a family shared device


In a “You Cannot Make this Up Moment” I just got off the phone with the State Workforce Commission as a fraudulent claim was being made. According to our state commission a sudden increase in claims has occurred over the last two weeks. My suspicion is this is related to the Holiday card swipe troubles. No matter the source…keep your guards up and follow up on any suspicious notices you may receive.

That’s it….just a gentle reminder, and of course it is not any of OUR kids…haha

Now, go have fun with those kids, it’s one of their favorite days of the year, being there will make it even more special, even if they do not acknowledge it … Grandparents too!!  And its a Friday! Enj0y your weekend.

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