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Sports weekend …. No Axe … Tax Preview … More AI … Friday

This weekend marks the final NFL Football game of the season aka the Super Bowl…..

With no Axe to grind, the commercials will be of interest… likely no Crypto domination like last year… wonder who will take the reins?


The IRS sent an interesting note out in the last week… “Key Points to keep in mind when filing your 2022 return!” Not kidding, can’t make this up…. will review and let you know the high points… just to be safe!

AI – Artificial Intelligence

Post Microsoft interest, suddenly the air waves are full of AI talk … we will have more on this shortly, but are surprised at mainstream interest… our fear was for the educators…but looks like everyone is interested!

Have a Great Friday and weekend, next week leads into a Monday Holiday, which always makes the prior week fly… enjoy – Talk next week!

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On the Road Again … Earnings Update … Sneak Peek at January Review … Super Bowl …

As you receive this, I will be on the road to a neighboring state for a whirlwind tour of business, lunches, dinners, and fun visits with friends over the weekend. On the Road AgainLuckily the weather is cooperating as it has been dicey to say the least lately. It is always enjoyable to get out of the office for good drive/think time, even with the heckling of family for missing two kids basketball games.

Earnings Update

As mentioned last week, earnings are good but not great. Adding this week to the mix, now in the bottom of the fourth inning, it is fair to say recent earnings are slightly lower in quality, but not terrible. There are some real winners and losers, again more divided than in recent quarters/years.

Sneak Peek at January 2014 Review/Video

Enough time has now lapsed to give clarity on the recent market movements and gyrations which began in early January. Next week brings the start of February and the monthly January 2014 J.K. Financial, Inc. review, which we think you will really enjoy, as we point DIRECTLY to the economic data release that has put concern in the capital markets lately.

Super Bowl Frolly

Sunday night marks the end of NFL football season and a few milestones as the venue is in open air and far north of most venues. Oddly with the crazy weather patterns, it looks to be better than our local Dallas super bowl venue weather just a few years back. Good Luck to both teams !

Have a Great Weekend and a Super Friday!

John Kvale CFA, CFP

PS No we are not going to Puerto Rico, it is a three part series with a twist coming … thanks for the questions and comments …keep them coming !!!

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Walking on Stilts….Winning Super Bowls!

As another summer slips away and fall/Football season begin to take hold, we thought it an interesting comparison to where the markets are, and each team’s possible run to win the super bowl. While at this time (pre-season) EVERY team actually has the chance to go to, and win, the big game, it is not likely!

Currently we are in a void of information and animal spirits (Wall Street seems empty)….however it is possible that everything will work out perfectly and the capital markets are fairly valuing the current situation. We would argue that we are walking on stilts currently, just as every team can win the big game!

While others place their bets, we will continue to diligently stick to our rules!

Have a Great Monday!




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