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End of Month, Syria, Hampton’s, Long Weekend….Nothing else please!! (PS…Pierce Breaks the Record)

Under normal circumstances, the end of the month presents certain challenges as professional investors “mark up” securities to show better results. Throw in a Syrian conflict (we are watching this closely, so far participants are not showing extreme fear), and absence for many…still at the Hampton’s…..What do we get?

Choppy and non-directional Markets

Stirring all the afore-mentioned items up and blending them together, what we get is random movements. We are carefully taking advantage of certain movements, but only in small portions as there may be larger movements ahead.

Labor Day Weekend Schedule

Today, Cathy is in only for a partial day, and our office will be closed on Monday. I will be working on several great articles for the 2013 Q4 Newsletter over the weekend and on an office-less Monday….But hey that is next week!Labor Day

Enjoy your Friday and your long weekend, if you are receiving one !!

Have a great day!

John Kvale

PS For what it is worth, Pierce our son took only three days in school to do what Sophia our daughter took three years….you got it, a bad smiley face/note from the teacher…oh boy….it’s only the first week !!!!

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