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Tax Forms Delivery and Corrections Update/Reminder, Watch the Cyber Tricks and a Brilliant New Cell Spam Calling Method that ALMOST Got Us – They Figured Out How to Put a Fake Name as the Number … Friday

With a lot of questions this week on Tax forms, we thought it time to review estimated delivery dates AND take note of the first round of corrected 1099’s of March 3:

Timing of Available Tax Documentation

  • Delivery of 1099s: Currently, we expect the first wave of 1099s to begin posting online on January 21, 2022 with Advisor and client notifications going out shortly after. Estimated dates for the waves are below:
 Target Delivery Date*Details
Wave 1Close of business January 21, 2022No holdings subject to reallocation (ex. RICs, REITs)
Wave 2Close of business February 4, 2022Low risk for reallocation; income reallocations finalized through January 29th
Wave 3Close of business February 11, 2022Clients with finalized income reallocations received from January 30th through February 3rd
Wave 4Close of business February 11, 2022Remaining clients
  • Correction Cycles - Begins March 3, 2022 and occurring every 2 weeks through April 14, 2022

Do Not Fall for the Call Microsoft Computer Fraud

They are back, so BE CAREFUL… Within one week we have noted TWO fake Microsoft computer hacks…

Here is how it goes:

Upon turning your computer on you are told to call Microsoft to help “Fix” your ailing computer….


This from Microsoft Support

Avoid and report Microsoft technical support scams

Microsoft will never proactively reach out to you to provide unsolicited PC or technical support. If you receive a phone call claiming to be from Microsoft, or see a pop-up window on your PC with a fake warning message and a phone number to call and get your “issue” fixed, it’s better to be safe and not click any links or provide any personal information.

Never call the number provided in the error message. Real Microsoft error messages never include a phone number to call.

Brilliant Fake Cell Call

Ok, so we warned/lectured enough up top… this one ALMOST got yours truly….

Looked very similar to a tennis player parent in my contacts….

Say goodbye to the unknown numbers… looks like they figured out how to impose a fake name-

Ahh…today is a Friday and just a week ago with the frozen tundra…. looks to be almost 80 degrees here…

Enjoy!! Talk next week!

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