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Household Income By United States State and How Far $100 will go in Each State

In this cool chart from Visual Capitalist, Reddit, and the US Census Bureau, household income is divided by income levels.

It is organized from lowest to highest income over $150k.

Household Income By State

2017 household-income
Courtesy of: Visual Capitalist

How far $100 will go in each State

Scanning the last few states from the above chart one can easily conclude many of the higher income states, ALSO cost more to live in.

This from the Tax Foundation!

2017 TAx Foundation 100-Map-01

A blending of the two chars gives an idea of a possible interesting lifestyle, state by state.

Which is your favorite?

Have a Great “Pick Your Lifestyle State” Day!

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USA “State” Tax freedom day … What day each state is whole for the year! 

While it may sound nice, Tax Freedom day is actually the day of the year each state’s residents have paid in enough to pay the state’s taxes for the year according to the Tax Foundation!


USA Tax Foundation

Have a Happy one week until tax filing day!

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