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1040 Estimated ES Quarter 3 2021 Tax Due Date Today!

Today is the due date for Quarter 3 2021 Estimated Taxes!

Between the last two years of jockeying the dates for regular returns and filings, and the odd timed ES filing (note below Q 2 is only a two month gap) if you have forgotten or are off on your days…. do not worry you are not alone.

While the postal system is getting better, as mentioned here it may be a good idea to file your ES both Federal and State Electronically!

This is the exact link to the Federal deposit site do not want bad guys jumping in front of your browser, make sure your browser gets to this link.


Looks like this:

We know many of you are old fashion and want to send it via coupon and mail, no worries, just make sure it gets in the mail to be postmarked by tomorrow and use that handy cell phone as your scanner and take picture of the coupon, check and envelope for proof if there is a delay!

From Publication 505 from the IRS

Link to publication

From Page 26 of the Pub 505:

For the period: Due date:
Jan. 11
– March 31 …….. April 15
April 1 – May 31 ………. June 15
June 1 – Aug. 31 ……… Sept. 15
Sept. 1 – Dec. 31 ……… Jan. 18, next year

Form 1040 Instructions : ES Coupon Page 11 and Fillable

Here is the link to the IRS booklet that has blank ES Coupons, specifically Q 3 is on page 11…

Again, the booklet is fillable for those such as myself who’s handwriting has fallen off a cliff in clarity! haha, not kidding!

Have a Great “ES Tax Reminder” Day!

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