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It’s that time of year again, Tax Season – Tax forms update and important information concerning those using a tax professional as well as Tax software – Friday

We are beginning to get 1099 tax forms, however all of them are not complete for everyone.

With a corrected schedule that lasts over the next few weeks to months, please do not file your return until we give you a greenlight and get past the first corrected 1099’s!

Please reach out to Jen at jen@jkfinancialinc.com  if you want to know if your tax form is available as we will be glad to electronically send it to you or upload it to your vault as soon as we have sight of it – please follow the next instructions.

Tax Professional and Tax Software taxes control-1027103_1280

For those using a tax professional we highly recommend that you get your information to them as soon as possible as this tax season will most certainly be much more complicated due to all the new tax laws. It would be much better to have already been in line with your tax professional and have a few missing documents than to  bring all of the information late this year.

We feel certain your tax professionals will appreciate it.

For those using tax software, we are fine with you beginning to put your information into the software, however, we would hold off on filing your tax return as we expect multiple software updates, due once again to the tax law changes!

This tax season will likely have a few curveballs as many documents that we may have used in the past, may not be needed due to the tax law changes, however don’t throw anything away, and  be sure and either give it to your tax provider or enter it into your software – let both of them tell you it’s not necessary.

It’s Friday, enjoy your weekend, and thanks so much for reading our posts!

Have a Great “Beginning of Tax Season” Day!

John A. Kvale CFA, CFP

Founder of J.K. Financial, Inc.
A Dallas Texas based fee only
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Management firm.

Once Upon a Time there was a Tax Season that just would not Go Away ! … Friday Travels …

We actually look forward to Tax Season……

Rolling up our sleeves and helping everyone with basis finds, forgotten tax deductions, duplicate Social Security withholdings, long lost medical expenses finds ….

Just like the changing of actual season – Welcoming summer now … by the time it is over, we are ready for the next season!

A Tax Season that Would Not End  Uncle Sam

So the traditional April 15th deadline was extended to Monday the 16th since the usual day fell on the weekend… only to be extended another day due to a Holiday conflict, only to be extended ANOTHER day due to technical difficulties.

We warned multiple parties NOT to wire or move money on Tax Deadline day because it was the busiest money moving day of the year … We had no idea the US Government website would go down due to all the activity!

Note to self next year, let’s really be sure to stay away from moving money around tax deadline time.

Either way … We made it!

Now time to begin working through all the NEW TAX laws…. bring em on!

Quick Travel Trip

Today the schedule includes a quick turn around trip, only to return early tomorrow in time for a #1 Seed Tennis Tournament that includes a bye in the first round for the 13 year old … giving just enough time to make the match, assuming the flight is on time …. maybe plenty if the 100% chance of Rain holds …

Oh…the Uber driver is here !

Talk to you next week, we have some great items to talk about…but that is next week … Enjoy your weekend!

John A. Kvale CFA, CFP

Founder of J.K. Financial, Inc.
A Dallas Texas based fee only
Financial Planning Total Wealth
Management firm.


Tax Hangover Subsiding … Speaker at Local University … Friday

We are pleased to announce this was one of our most victorious tax seasons ever.

  • Lost Deductions
  • Forgotten Deductions
  • Missed Deductions
  • Improper Basis Reporting
  • Forgotten Carryovers
  • Double Social Security Withholding
  • Last Minute Pre-Tax Retirement Contribution

Just to name a bunch that we were able to enable, catch and help… all totaled to one of the most tax savings seasons we have had.

If we did not get a final copy of your return, send it over for safe keeping and future review.

The stress of a few last minute hanging retirement account contributions did not go without notice, as a member of J.K. Financial, Inc. was stressed enough over last weekend to snap at a family gathering … hurting a few feelings…not mention of any names to protect the innocent of course…Cathy…oops.

Tax Hangover Subsiding

As a regular practice we attempt to get back to everyone the same day or at the latest within 24 hours. We slipped a bit as multiple time sensitive items were at the door as Monday, April 18th, 2016 went from current to past.

We are back on it now…thanks for your patience.

University of North Texas Speaking Event

Wednesday afternoon marked a wonderful 90 minute forum with four fellow advisors and a group of soon-to-be graduates from the University of North Texas. UNT

Giving back, seeing the upcoming generation, answering questions and interacting with the students was very rewarding.

While things can always be better for the future of our country, they are looking great …. judging from these latest interactions! Congrats to all !


Today is a Friday headed into a terrific weekend. Donald returned his boat and paddles as the water finally subsided from a very wet Texas we have all experienced this week….kidding, but if felt like it, mid week.

Have a great weekend and thanks for reading !

John A. Kvale CFA, CFP

Founder of J.K. Financial, Inc.
A Dallas Texas based fee only
Financial Planning Total Wealth
Management firm.


Good bye “Official” Tax Season … One More Request from us … Friday !

Whew…. it’s officially over…. yaa there will be extension filings (myself included), but for the most part we are DONE !!!!Goodbye

A Request From Us

Before you toss that tax return in the file to collect dust, until next year or maybe longer … PLEASE DO US A FAVOR … Send us a copy.

Taxes and Wills/Estate documents are our most used items.  We review both frequently. With the changing tax laws and certainly more to come, a base line of where we are today is super. If we have your return we can plan better and you will not have to dash to that file if a copy is needed…we can quickly access it electronically!

Thanks very much to most who we already have a copy, but those few who we do not … SEND US A COPY !!!!!

Friday … Spring Friday

Due to the afore-mentioned tax season, Cathy has been off for the last couple of days … Well Done Cathy!!

Next week is back to normal as we are in the midst of earnings seasons (AKA 90 day treadmill) AHHHH….but that is next week..

Enjoy your Friday and your weekend with those special in your life. Talk to you next week !

John A. Kvale CFA, CFP

8222 Douglas Ave # 590
Dallas, TX 75225

Where did February Go? …. Big Events in March

Today marks the last day of a Fast February in a VERY quick moving year. (I think it really is true … the days go slow, but the years fast.) We have even had a Groundhog day for the capital markets. They are right back where they started the year after stumbling and bumbling out of the gate. But hey, lets not step any further on next weeks February review video, however we can look forward to March!

A Big event(S) March

The biggest event by far this March is the welcoming of the newest Capone which is due in about two weeks. Not to worry we will keep you posted on Donald “The Brains” sleep (or lack of) and maybe even show a picture or two.March

From Mid March to April 15 is happily our busiest time of the year. We work with tax stuff, end of quarter, and a Newsletter all at the same time. I will be out for spring break (just before the rush), lightly tethered, but ready and able, just in case our newest Capone comes early.

One of my personal favorite days of the year occurs next week as well. The recovery of our evening sun, AKA time change … YAA!

Ahhhh, but that is all next week, and next month for that matter. Today is a Friday, with a farewell to a fast February, don’t forget to spend time with those special in your life …. it goes fast !

Happy Friday and Happy Weekend!

John A. Kvale CFA, CFP

8222 Douglas Ave # 590
Dallas, TX 75225