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Why almost EVERYONE needs Bonds in their Portfolios

In true Tortoise and the Hare like fashion from the old school fable …..rabbit-2414356__480

There’s a tug-of-war that goes on between the turtle and the hare…..

We all know the ending, although some endings have changed over the years, but stay with us for just a second, as we bring a financial parallel to our fable.

In our interesting story, bonds are the Tortoise and the Hare are Equities/stocks.

Why most need Tortoise/Bonds in their portfoliosturtle-863336__480

Bonds are truly like the Tortoise as they’re more slow running, BUT also importantly, slow to lose value. 

Equities/stocks carry Hare like returns that generally, over the longer term are faster,  but in true Hare like fashion, can get really sidetracked at times (think October – December of 2018 Amateur hour time.)

Here is the Great News in our Story – You can do both!

The good news about investing, unlike the fable is that you don’t just have to be one or the other, but you can mix.

We would argue that mature (larger or for more mature folks) portfolios need a Tortoise for stability during bad times as well as the yummy income that bonds produce!

As the portfolio grows or the income needs rise, more Tortoise may be needed.

Early portfolios that have heavy contributions can frequently be all Hare/Equities/Stocks as the contributions making up a great percentage of the portfolio act like a stabilizing Tortoise.

Normal progressions may be 75% Hare, then 50% then 40% and 25% or less Hare are frequently ok …. with the remaining portions being Tortoise of course….

One of our favorites are 50/50 Hare to Tortoise ….

Another great part of having both in a portfolio is they tend to offset themselves naturally during bad times – when Hare/Equity/Stocks get smacked, almost inevitably Tortoise/Bonds have a field day – multiple reasons such as interest rates dropping when Equities rise and visa versa, as well as a Tortoise safe haven…

There are always unique situations such as all Tortoise due to immediate need or just dislike of volatility and all Hare when there are no needs for the future.

Look for a greater depth information in our coming Newsletter with possible follow up items and details here.

Needless to say we are fond of both the Hare and Tortoise.

Thanks for accommodating our juvenile humor!

Have a Great “Tortoise and the Hare” Day!

John A. Kvale CFA, CFP

Founder of J.K. Financial, Inc.
A Dallas Texas based fee only
Financial Planning Total Wealth
Management firm.


Q 1 2017 Newsletter Preview – Tortoise and the Hare …. Plus tons more

The Q 1 2017 Newsletter is currently at the printer and should be ready for mailing early next week. We know the novelty of a paper newsletter… but we like the ability for you to read at your leisure, especially for those paper newspaper longing readers…such as yours truly !

Shhhhh… because of your loyal reading here at our blog, here is a link to the electronic version of the Newsletter, should you find interest in jumping the gun on the paper version….which is of course headed to your mailbox soon!

Tortoise and the Hare

Not wanting to steal the thunder of the article… here is a sneak peak of one of our shorter, but really important articles in the Q 1 Newsletter …but you need to read the whole article in the Newsletter please..

Why in the world would anyone ever invest like a Tortoise?

Look at that Hare investment outrun the Tortoise…. Run Hare Run!”…. If you have been seriously investing for less than SEVEN years…. You only know the Hare !!!!


Let’s make the race just a little longer…..


Oops….. But… But…let’s make the race even longer — that outta fix it- Long term right?


DOUBLE OUCH… Never go all in or all out- Diversification is a MUST!

This article is just a teaser…

  • Tax Savings and Important NEW tax dates
  • Economic Update- What the big boys are doing
  • Apps of the Quarter and Interest Rates

Just to name a few !

Hope you will enjoy the full articles in our Newsletter !!!

Have a Great Friday !

John A. Kvale CFA, CFP

Founder of J.K. Financial, Inc.
A Dallas Texas based fee only
Financial Planning Total Wealth
Management firm.