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The New Year’s Resolution … With a Twist for Fun!

Once upon a time I used to scoff at New Year’s resolutions. I have goals, and being a list person, tons of them … all around (maybe too many? haha).  A few years ago, I stumbled on to a neat interactive way to share and have fun with those sometimes stodgy New Year’s Resolutions!

Fun twist with New Year’s Resolutions

Grab a family member, friend, spouse, or other and challenge each other(s) to a few New Year’s Resolutions, but with a twist.New Year's Resolutions

Here is what I have been doing the last few years:

  1. List three of your most proud items over the LAST year
  2. Three items you could improve on
  3. Three items you want to achieve in the next year (traditional resolution)

That’s it … easy as can be…oh, and if you want to REALLY have fun, make a note for some time around fourth of July (middle of the year) to check your progress. This time next year, you will be in the swing of a fun, easy resolution, but with a fun twist.

Have a great day!

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